EGIFT - European Gifted Education Training

An Erasmus+ Funded Project

EGIFT is an online learning platform for parents and teachers developed by CTYI and other European experts to provide information on high ability students. This free online resource explains the concept of gifted education while considering the three key pillars of “gifted underachievers”, “gifted and disadvantaged”, and “twice exceptionality”.

This is an easy to use and free resource that will give anyone interested in the field of Gifted Education a better understanding of this important topic. There are 5 strands, and participants can pick and choose what they would like to do. You can use this resource to find out more information about all of the following:

STRAND 1 - Identification

Intelligence and giftedness; Informal Identification Methods; Formal Identification Methods; Identification in Special Populations

STRAND 2 - Lived Experience

Basic facts to lived experiences of the gifted; Learning Resources and lived experiences; Lived experiences of special groups; Lived experiences in Informal and formal educational settings

STRAND 3 - Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Social and emotional well-being; Beliefs about giftedness and gifted students; Psychological adjustment of gifted students into school context; Promotion of mental health and resilience in gifted students

STRAND 4 - Teaching Strategies

The Interconnectedness of Learning; Whole School and Class Strategies; Supporting learners in practice; Analysis of practice

STRAND 5 - Programme Design Principles

Gifted and Talented Programmes; Assessing Needs, Resources and Networks; Deciding on Selection Processes, Format and Curriculum; Programme Evaluation, Action Plans, and Communities of Practice