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Applications for Semester 1 of Early University Entrance are currently being accepted. The closing date is Friday May 17th 2024.

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Early University Entrance

Dear Parent & Student,

The Centre for Talented Youth, Ireland is pleased to continue the Early University Entrance Programme at Dublin City University for Transition Year students of the 2024-25 academic year.

This is an exciting opportunity! Early University Entrance gives students with high academic ability the opportunity to enrol as part-time students on one of several courses based on degree programmes at DCU. Taking a portion of the first year modules, Early Entrants attend DCU for one day each week, over 13 weeks, to study degree level material alongside similarly aged students. The 10 courses are: Biology, Business. Computer Science, Engineering, International Relations, Japanese, Law, Philosophy, Physics, and Psychology.

The Early University Entrance programme has been running for several years and its evaluation composed my PhD thesis. The young students were found to have performed as well (and at times better) than the regular cohort of first year students taking the same modules. They suffered no ill-effects socially as there was a large group of similarly aged students. They learned much in terms of their chosen field of study, but also in terms of independent learning, self-organisation, the demands of learning at university level, high level writing skills and group work. You will read further in the brochure feedback from some of the original Early Entrance students.

This brochure outlines the Programme and the courses available in detail. I would encourage any student who is bright, motivated and committed to learning to apply, as it will give you a unique opportunity to sample university life, but more importantly allow you to experience a level of learning and challenge that is more suited to your academic needs. Though the programme is relatively new to Ireland, it is not a new concept. There is much evidence of the success of acceleration programmes in other countries, and therefore much by way of best practice.

I can be contacted by email at catriona.ledwith@dcu.ie and at 01 700 5634. Yours

Catriona Ledwith

Early University Entrance Course Info

Early Entrance Biology (based on modules from the
Common Entry into Science)

How Life Works 1 (BE101)

Early Entrance Business - based on modules from the BA in Business Studies

Management Accounting for Decision Making (AC115)

Introduction to Microeconomics (EF113)


Early Entrance Computer Science (based on modules from BSc in Computer Science)


Introduction to Computer Hardware (CA112)

Introduction to Computer Systems (CA103)


Early Entrance Engineering (based on modules from Common Entry into Engineering)


Introduction to Electronics (EM113)

Materials Engineering (EM115)


Early Entrance International Relations (based on
modules from the B.A. in International Relations)


Introduction to International Relations & Security (LG117)

Introduction to Global Governance (LG132)


Early Entrance Japanese – based on modules from BA in Applied Language and Translation Studies

Japanese Language 1 (JA193)

Early Entrance Law (based on modules
from the BCL in Law and Society)


Irish Legal System (LG131)

Tort Law (LG216)


Early Entrance Philosophy (based on modules from
the Bachelor of Arts (Joint Honours))


Introduction to Philosophy (TP132)

Environmental Philosophy (TP233)


Early Entrance Physics (based on modules from the
B.Sc. in Applied Physics)


Light and Optics (PS102)

Motion and Energy (PS115)


Early Entrance Psychology (based on modules from
the B.Sc. in Psychology)

Child Development (PSYC106)

Cognition (PSYC103)

Please note all modules are subject to change.