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Centre for Talented Youth, Ireland

Early University Entrance

Foundations for Aviation Studies (semester 1)

The Aviation Sector and Flying Theory 1 (semester 1) 

The Aviation Sector and Flying Theory 2 (semester 2) 

2nd Module to be confirmed (semester 2) 

Introduction to Electronics (semester 1)

Materials Engineering (semester 1)

Software Development for Engineers (semester 2)

Statics & Dynamics (semester 2)

Psychology (based on modules from the B.Sc. in Psychology)

Child Development (semester 1)

Cognitive Psychology (semester 1)

Biological Psychology (semester 2)

Social Psychology (semester 2)

Law & Politics (based on modules from the B.A. in Economics, Politics & Law)

Introduction to Law (semester 1)

The Irish Political System (semester 1)

American Political System (semester 2)

Constitutional Law (semester 2)

Business Studies (based on modules from the B.A. in Business Studies)

Introduction to Microeconomics (semester 1)

Management Accounting for Decision Making (semester 1)

Semester 2 to be confirrmed


Please note all modules are subject to change.

The deadline for applications for semester 1 2016 has now passed. The semester 2 2017 brochure will be available online from eartly November.


Questions in relation to Early University Entrance should be directed to Dr. Catriona Ledwith at