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Fiona Regan
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Academic biography

Fiona Regan is Professor in Chemistry at Dublin City University and Director of the DCU Water Institute. Fiona studied Environmental Science and Technology and later completed a PhD in analytical chemisty in 1994. Following postdoctoral research in optical sensing in DCU, in 1996 she took up a lecturing position at Limerick Institute of Technology. In 2002 Fiona joined the School of Chemical Sciences as a lecturer in analytical chemistry, in 2008 she became senior lecturer and in 2009 became the Beaufort Principal Investigator in Marine and Environmental Sensing.
Fiona‚Äôs research focuses on environmental monitoring and she has special interest in priority and emerging contaminants as well as the establishment of decision support tools for environmental monitoring using novel technologies and data management tools. Her work includes the areas of separations and sensors (including microfluidics), materials for sensing and antifouling applications on aquatic deployed systems. 

Research interests

Analytical method development for emerging contaminants (sensors and separations) and novel material design:
Our research is based on the use and development of a range of analytical techniques from separations to sensors. Typical projects will include development of novel materials for extraction and enrichment of analytes and development of novel separation systems. Current research in marine and environmental sensing, sensor networks, visual sensing, biofouling of sensors and platforms, nanoparticle based materials for biofouling prevention. Other active project areas on: passive sampling of emerging contaminants; occurrence of phthalates in the environment; microfluidic sensing platforms for environmental monitoring (nutrients, pharmaceuticals, marine toxins etc.)

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