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Professional Master of Education (Post Primary Education)

Professional Master of Education

  • PAC CodeDC905
  • Course Type Postgraduate
  • NFQ Level 9
  • Delivery Modes Full-time
  • Duration 2 Years

Applications for 2018 PME DC905 entry is now CLOSED

Supply of Teachers in Priority Subjects 2018 programme (STIPS2018) 

With a view to increasing the supply of teachers in subjects of national priority, and as part of a campaign to be undertaken at national level to encourage graduates in these subjects to consider teaching as a career, PAC has extended to Friday 13 April 2018 the closing date for applications to the PME from graduates in these priority subjects. 

The priority subjects are: Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Irish, French , German, Italian, Spanish, Physics and Chemistry. 

If you are qualified in one of these subjects and have already made an application to PAC this year, it is not necessary for you to apply again to be considered under the Supply of Teachers in Priority Subjects 2018 Programme. 


Becoming a Teacher at DCU

Do you believe that your efforts and commitments can inspire a young person to achieve great things?

As a teacher in a second-level school, it is the quality of the relationships that you form with your students that will define their experience of school and encourage, enlighten and challenge them to achieve the highest standards possible for themselves. Without doubt schools in Ireland are now defined by a diversity of races, faiths, cultures, social and economic backgrounds.

If you think you have the courage to work in this way then you should consider becoming a teacher. By contributing to the development of a young person's values and character you influence not just the quality of one person's life but the quality of the whole of society. The Professional Master of Education is a full-time teacher education qualification delivered through evening and flexible learning modes for those who hold an approved undergraduate degree and who wish to become teachers in second-level schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Graduate View


The application process for entry in September 2018  will close on 2nd February 2018.

The Professional Master of Education (Post Primary) Programme is a programme of study for graduate students who wish to become second-level teachers.

The Programme Aims

To develop reflective caring teachers who are fully prepared to embark on the complex career of teaching in second-level schools.

To develop in Graduate Student Teachers the knowledge, skills and dispositions required for the teaching profession in relation to teaching, learning and assessment, curriculum development, pastoral care and classroom management.

To instill in Graduate Student Teachers a recognition of the importance of an equitable, student-centered approach to teaching and learning and the ability to deliver this within their own teaching.

To enable Graduate Student Teachers select from and apply a range of teaching methodologies, and pastoral care strategies appropriate to different subjects and contexts.

To develop in Graduate Student Teachers pedagogical skills in their subject specialism(s) at an advanced level, including knowledge and skills that are appropriate to their work as subject teachers at second-level.

To develop in Graduate Student Teachers the ability to enquire critically and to reflect actively on their teaching and professional practice, and to recognise the importance of this in their own lifelong learning.

To develop in Graduate Student Teachers the ability to design, implement and evaluate a range of evidence based research interventions which will act as method for integrating theory and practice across a range of educational contexts - including, but not limited to, school placement and University based activities.

To develop in Graduate Student Teachers the capacity and desire to engage in continuous professional development and lifelong learning in relation to being a teacher.

Programme Structure

The Professional Master of Education (PME) programme starts in late August each year. Students are required to complete a Placement Induction Programme which runs in advance of formal lectures. During this induction period students complete systematic observations in their host school. Formal lectures begin in September and are held in DCU St. Patrick's Campus, Drumcondra on Tuesday and Wednesday from 4pm to 8pm and online on a third evening. Graduate Student Teachers will participate in lectures, shared seminars, workshops and study in groups to develop their abilities in two subject pedagogies. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that upon completion of the programme you meet the General and Special Requirements of the Teaching Council in order to be able to register as a teacher of your chosen subject in a second-level school in Ireland. Students whose degree qualifies them in just one teaching subject will still be required to take a second teaching method module for the purposes of completing the PME programme.

In Year 1, you take seven modules, attracting a total of 50 credits (ECTS). In Year 2, seven modules are undertaken across both semesters, attracting 70 credits. Each module is continuously assessed, with terminal examination as appropriate. Continuous assessment is by projects, case studies, papers, presentations, reports and computer-based assignments, where relevant.

The following subject specialisms are included in the Professional Master of Education (PME) programme: English, Gaelige, Mathematics, Languages, Science (incl. Biology, Chemistry, Physics), Religious Education, History, Geography, CSPE, Accountancy, Music and Business.

School Placement

This programme includes a supervised school placement during which you will practice classroom teaching and participate in the general life of a school. You must undertake a minimum of 250 hours of teaching in a classroom, as well as systematic observation and participation in school life. Graduate Student Teachers are required to undertake two placements during the programme, one in each year. The placement is spread across all four semesters of the PME programme.

Please see information on Getting a School Placement.

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The application process for entry in September 2018  will close on 2nd February 2018.

Expertise and Excellence

The DCU Institute of Education is the largest provider of education and training in Ireland with more than 125 academic staff with expertise in education and over 4000 students. We take a modern, innovative and creative approach to teaching and learning. 

Choice and Flexibility

Our two year flexible Professional Master of Education (PME) programme addresses the need for a flexible teacher education qualification for unqualified people who want to work in second-level schools but who are not in a position to engage in a traditional day-time programme of study.


DCU Graduate Teachers experience high employment success rates. Our school partnerships and professional development initiatives for in-service teachers ensures continued commitment to our students and beyond.  


The application process for entry in September 2018  will close on 2nd February 2018.

Career Prospects

While most of our graduates will work as teachers in voluntary secondary, ETB and community and comprehensive schools, others will pursue further studies in education and related fields, such as guidance, pastoral care, school leadership and management. Others again will work in Further Education, Higher Education, government departments and other education and training settings.

As this course is fully recognised by the Teaching Council, graduates will receive appropriate salary allowances for permanent positions in second-level schools and further education colleges.

In these areas


General Entry Requirements

Applications for September 2018 Intake is now closed

Applicants will normally hold at least a primary honours degree (NFQ Level 8) that complies with the Teaching Council's Curricular Subject Requirements for at least one subject from the second-level school's curriculum.

Applicants are required to fill out the relevant Subject Self-Declaration Form(s) online during the application process. This must be completed in full as it is not possible to update this form(s) once the application is submitted.

Queries on completed applications

Queries on completed applications may be emailed to


Deferrals are not permitted on DC905 - Professional Masters in Education (Post Primary Education) due to the highly competitive application process for first year places.

Documentation Submission Dates:

·         School Placement:

If an applicant has not secured a placement by 1st June 2018 their offer will be withdrawn.  Only students with a secured placement can register with Dublin City University for the Programme. 

If you have not already done so please ensure your school placement has been uploaded to your PAC application by 5.00pm, Friday 1st June 2018.  (this is published on PAC and DCU)

·         Final Year Certified Transcripts

For those of you in your final year of study, it will be necessary to submit a certified copy of your final transcript that confirms your overall result for verification purposes by 5.00pm, Monday 2nd July 2018.  Upon receipt of the same we can then assess this to determine if a full offer can be updated to your PAC application.

How to Apply and Closing Dates

Make an Application

The closing date for application for Supply of Teachers in Priority Subjects 2018 programme (STIPS2018)  is 13th April 2018

If you are interested in appling please check any updates and ensure that you consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) in advance of contacting DCU.  

Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the Teaching Council Registration Requirements and the current list of Department of Education (DES) approved schools.

If you are not a DCU Student/Graduate or have completed a programme since graduating from DCU Certified copies of your original official Transcript of Results for each year of study at undergraduate/postgraduate level MUST be uploaded along with the following forms.  

Applicants MUST complete and upload the following forms to your pac application by closing date 13th April 2018


Applicants should secure a school placement in advance of completing their application to the programme. Applicants must upload a completed ‘School Placement Form’ at the time of application. In exceptional circumstances where an applicant has not secured a placement by the time of application, a conditional offer may be provided. If an applicant has not secured a placement by 1st June 2018 their offer will be withdrawn. Only students with a secured placement can register with DCU for the programme.

Applicants must also consult the Teaching Council's Curricular Subject Requirements for the subject(s) they wish to teach.  The relevant Teaching Council's Subject Declaration Form  should be uploaded to PAC with your PAC number clearly written on the form within 14 days of making your application.   The Teaching Council's Subject Declaration Form is completed as part of your application on PAC.  While you are free to register for any subject, please note that DCU only offers special methods in the 12 subjects listed on the DCU Teaching Methods Subject Form and that these special methods are offered subject to demand in any given year. It is your responsibility to check Teaching Council Registration Curricular Subject Requirements (Post-Primary) for persons applying for registration on and after 1 January 2018.

Please note that canvassing of any kind will disqualify an applicant. Furthermore, we do not discuss any aspect of an application with third parties. All offers of a place on the PME programmes will be made through the email address you provide with your online application. It is your responsibility to monitor your PAC account for a change in status. Those who are placed on waiting lists should be particularly mindful of this and all applicants who are offered a place on the programme should ensure that they confirm acceptance by the due date otherwise the place will be offered to the next applicant on the waiting list.

International Applications:

International candidates are expected to have educational qualifications of a standard equivalent to those outlined above. In addition, where such candidates are non-native speakers of the English language they must satisfy the University of their competency in the English language. For further information on international applications click here.

Dates for Submission of Applications 

The application process for Supply of Teachers in Priority Subjects 2018 programme (STIPS2018)  is 13th April 2018.   All applications are made through and please select course code DC905. Please note for 2018 entry, it is a requirement to upload all documentation onto the PAC system to support your PME DC905 application. Posting of documents is NOT accepted.