The Centre for Talented Youth, Ireland - Secondary School Programme Overview

Secondary School Students

CTYI organises courses for second level students every summer in the months of June and July. We also have a wide range of Correspondence Courses which take place during the school year.


Students who wish to participate in the CTYI Summer Programme or the CAT Programme must first demonstrate high academic ability. This can be achieved through either the Post Primary Talent Search or by submission of an Educational Psychologist's report. For more information, please click here.

Summer Programmes

Below are the details for the three programmes we offer during the summer. These programmes are CTYI, CAT and Summer Scholars

CTY Ireland Summer Programme

The CTYI Summer Programme is for young people aged between 12 and 16 years, who have been identified as having high academic ability (95th percentile in mathematical and/or verbal reasoning). The programme offers enrichment courses, which take the form of 3-week academic programmes. Students choose from a wide range of courses, usually only seen at university level learning. The programme offers these students classes that run at a much faster pace, with high level course material.

As well as having a strong academic structure, the CTYI summer programmes for second level students have an extensive social programme. Outside of classes, students participate in sporting activities, day trips, discos, table quizzes, and much more. We employ a team of residential staff who coordinate the social activities and ensure that the students settle in, have a balanced timetable and an altogether enjoyable time.

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Centre for Academic Talent

Based on the CTYI Summer Programme model, CAT is available to bright and motivated 12-16 year olds. The CAT programme runs over two weeks, but is similar in structure to the CTYI programmes. Typically these are students who have scored between the 85th and 95th percentile (in mathematical and/or verbal reasoning) on the CTYI Talent Search assessment.

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DCU Summer Scholars

DCU Summer Scholars is a non-residential programm, available to any student aged between 12 and 17 years (1st - 5th year). This programme suits students would like to take college style courses in a fun and motivating way. Like the CAT programme, DCU Summer Scholars is based on the CTYI summer programme model.

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Term Time Course

We also offer some Courses during school term for students to enroll in.

Correspondence Courses

Correspondence Course forms for our 2021/22 programme will be available at the end of November and courses will begin in January.

Correspondence Courses offer students an opportunity to experience third level subjects in a supportive and encouraging learning environment. Over the course of six assignments, students will gain a deeper insight into their chosen subject, dealing first-hand with some of its core topics. Students receive a course handbook by email, and follow the assignments outlined, submitting their assignments by email on or before the given deadline.

Our Correspondence Courses are open to anyone who has previously taken part in our Talent Search, as well as interested Transition Year students, regardless of whether they have attended programmes with us previously.

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Early University Entrance

Early University Entrance is a programme for high ability transition year students.  It takes place on the DCU campus, with students taking part in selected first year modules on one day each week over the course of a semester.  Students are in separate classes, with other TY students.  Class sizes are usually around 20 pupils.

EUE is open to CTYI and CAT qualifying students.  Applications from students who have not qualified for CAT or CTYI are also welcome, but with a slightly different application process.

For more information on Early University Entrance, contact Dr. Catriona Ledwith at

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