Students working on an project in Faculty of Computing and Engineering in DCU

Your projects and study

Choosing topics for your projects

Sustainability and the climate crisis are relevant topics for every field of study. No matter what your course or module, there is likely to be a sustainability angle. 

Try to find an angle relating to sustainability where possible. For example, depending on your area of study, you could decide to do a project about:

  • how sustainability messages are communicated
  • waste reduction in this area of study
  • the economic impact for businesses
  • the use of new technologies in promoting sustainability
  • minimising use of disposable materials in a relevant sector


Take a sustainable approach

Regardless of the subject, topic or methodology, stop to consider if you can take a more sustainable approach to this project or study exercise. 

  • If possible, include a section on sustainability or environmental impact as it relates to your project 
  • Use as little paper and ink as you can, and print double-sided if needed.
  • Use virtual drafting and planning software.
  • Minimise project-related travel and use video calls instead.
  • Conduct a sustainability risk assessment, look at every aspect of your project and see if any part could be done more sustainably, if it needs to be done at all.