Transforming DCU: our strategy

Transforming DCU: our strategy

Sustainability must now underpin everything we do at DCU – it has been a key strategic goal of the university since 2017 and will continue to be into the future, as part of the global effort to address the overarching crisis of our time. 

We are committed to delivering on the objectives of the Government’s Climate Action Plan and Europe’s commitment to being the first carbon neutral continent by 2050. 

Our Sustainability Charter sets out how we pledge to achieve this at DCU by embedding sustainability in our teaching and learning, our research, development and innovation, and our operations, and by promoting it through our national and international engagements. 

Likewise, the DCU Students’ Union has included a pledge in its constitution to promote an ethos of environmental sustainability within its operations.


Sustainability at DCU: strategy in action

DCU Sustainability seeks to embed a sustainability ethos at our university tol underpin all our activities. This includes our operations, teaching and learning, and research, development and innovation, with our Sustainability Council active across all these areas.


At the same time, our academics and researchers are working on many of the related issues, including:

  • Sustainable Energy systems
  • Education for sustainable development
  • Green finance and business models 
  • Water, Waste and Energy research


Our Estates Office strives not only to save financial resources but also to reduce our environmental impact through:

  • energy efficiencies
  • improved waste management 
  • enhancing the green environment on campus. 

Our An Taisce Green Campus Committee supports initiatives involving both students and staff working together to increase campus sustainability.