Shows the bike servicing clinic on DCU's Glasnevin campus
The bike servicing clinic on DCU's Glasnevin campus. Pic: Kyran O'Brien/DCU

Choose Green: Transport

Every time you need to go anywhere, consider if you are choosing the most sustainable option.

Going somewhere in Dublin or in Ireland

  • Walk or cycle when you can – it’s healthier for you and everyone else!
  • Use and promote public transport 
  • Think before you jump in the car – the alternatives are healthier and usually cheaper.
  • Consider going on holidays in Ireland – there’s so much to explore!


Going to another country

  • Consider the carbon footprint of your air travel. 
  • If you’re travelling for work, could you use video meetings instead? That not only cuts emissions, but is also more inclusive. 
  • Consider sail and rail as a lower-emission option. (Are you a parent? Interrail tickets are free for children under 12 so adventure awaits!)

Commuting to DCU

Did you know DCU is the second largest commuting hub in the north Dublin region after Dublin Airport? As a committed sustainability leader, DCU looks to our staff and students to travel using sustainable modes where possible. While virtual education has a vital role to play, being on campus is a vital part of a university education

Check out the new How to get to DCU website for more information.

Pre-pandemic commuting choice

In both 2017 and 2018, DCU surveyed all our staff and students about their transport choices, in conjunction with the National Transport Authority. We received over 2,000 responses, with an overall response rate of 12%. 

Summary of student and staff sustainable and non-sustainable transport choices by percentage in 2017 v 2018

  Students   Staff  
  2017 2018 2017 2018
Sustainable Commute 76% 78% 47% 47%
Non-Sustainable 23% 19% 52% 51%
Other 1% 3% 1% 2%