A graphic illustrating the 17 United Nations Strategic Development Goals (SDGs). Each one is outlined below in this page

DCU and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

What are the SDGs?

In an ambitious effort to end poverty, protect the planet, and promote peace and prosperity, the United Nations adopted its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015.

The 17 goals are integrated and interconnected. Poverty, discrimination and exclusion cannot be tackled without improving global health, education and economic growth. And all of these goals must be addressed in the context of climate change and the urgent need to protect our planet’s natural environments and ecosystems.

Achieving social, economic and environmental sustainability will require global cooperation and determination. At DCU, we always strive to ensure we work, study and live in ways that account for the SDGs.


DCU ranks highly in work towards the SDGs

Our efforts have been recognised by the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2022, which assess universities around the world according to their work toward the SDGs. 

  • 88th overall out of 1,438 institutions
  • In top 100 for seven specific goals
  • 8th place for Reduced Inequalities
  • 20th for Gender Equality 
  • 26th for No Poverty.

Our work has also been encouraged by generous supporters who, during the 2020-21 academic year, pledged over €6.15 million toward projects that will support sustainable development.


Discover some of the ways DCU continually acts on our commitment to the SDGs below