Staff training

Under the National Climate Action Plan 2021, all public sector staff must have appropriate climate action and sustainability training (technical or behavioural) incorporated into their learning and development strategies. 

Furthermore, all public sector organisations (including universities such as DCU) must organise staff workshops (at least annually) to engage in climate issues, including a focus on decreasing the organisation’s carbon footprint. 

DCU is dedicated to promoting sustainability and making active change where possible, as well as being keenly committed to meeting our obligations under the National Climate Action Plan. 


Current Resource to improve your understanding

Try some short courses on Linked Learning - you have access thru' your DCU account.  There are lots of course so do a search on what you want to know more about like - climate change, sustainability, carbon footprints.....

There are also course on Circular Economy, Renewable Heat, Energy use in Labs… available from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland under their SEAI Energy Academy.


There are also lots of podcasts available - just make sure you wear your critical thinking hat !

•Educate yourself – podcasts/online learning

Climate Alarm Clock

The Great Simplification

5deg of change


•Do a carbon footprint -


Further relevant short courses will soon be available to staff on Loop.