Postgraduate Testimonials

School of Theology, Philosophy, and Music

Emma Horgan's highlights of the MA in Ethics Corporate Responsibility programme is that it's an interactive, challenging and thoughtful master's which incorporates: governance, human rights, morals, philosophy and self awareness. The course fostered creativity and thinking outside the box.

Darren Martin highlights include meeting so many other students on the course who had the same ideas and goals as myself. They all came from different backgrounds and professions. The mix provided for some interesting conversations and opinions on the course material and beyond.


Declan Kenny works in banking and wanted to do a qualification about ethics in business that could be applied in my role as the Head of Conduct.

School of Law and Government

Daisy Gallagher's highlight of the MSc in Climate Change is that when she looks back over her experience at DCU is that it's the people – both lecturers and fellow classmates that she won't forget. She went into a class filled with people of different ages, walks of life and opinions; from activists, architects, economists and vets to public relations officers, politicians, project managers, parents and students.

Ngozi Nora Agwu, Graduate of the MA in International Relations, reveals that she chose the course in DCU as she acquired more knowledge on how our world interconnects and develop analytical skills on how to tackle issues affecting our global economy.

James Gough's highlight studying the LLM (Master of Laws) programme was meeting and sharing experiences with fellow classmates.

Louise Foley explains that she now is working in a climate action graduate role with Meath County Council as a direct result of studying the MSc in Climate Change.


School of Applied Language and Intercultural Studies

Jessica Doherty reveals that she chose the MA in Translation Studies in DCU because the modules seemed incredibly in-depth and explored the reality of working in the translation industry, more so than any other course I had seen. 

Juliette Guilloteau talks about her experience on the MSc in Translation Technology at DCU and how she acquired the technical skills that helps her with time and project management, and made her more confident in her research work.

Jing Wang talks about her experience of the MSc in Translation Technology. Find out what attracted her to the course, the experience she had and what's she's doing now.

School of Communications

Nicola Foxe talks about her experience of the MSc in Public Relations and Strategic Communications at DCU and how it has opened up the door to industry contacts that she didn't have before. Reach your career goals with a postgraduate course at DCU.

Aaron Gallagher talks about his experience on the MA in Social Media Communications at DCU and how he acquired the skills to investigate institutional, technical and social factors that shape social media, policy and practices.

Elizabeth Hearst, Graduate of MA in Journalism, reveals that she chose the course in DCU as it is the best in the business, that has a practical learning environment as well as work placement opportunities.

Katie McNamee talks about her experience of the MA in Political Communication at DCU and how it shaped her goals to pursue a career at the coalface of European politics.