Advanced Entry Programme List

Advanced Entry Programmes 
DC001  Education - Early Childhood Education (Years: 2)  
DC009  Arts: Joint Honours (Humanities) (Years: 2)
DC014  Jazz and Contemporary Music Performance (audition) (Years: 2,3)
DC110  Business Studies International (Years: 2)
DC111  Business Studies (Years: 2)
DC118  Gno agus Gaeilge / Business and Irish (Years: 2)
DC120  Computing for Business (Years: 2)
DC121  Computer Science (Years: 2)
DC123  Data Science (Years: 2)
DC126  Actuarial Mathematics (Years: 2,3)
DC128  Financial Mathematics (Years: 3)
DC131  Communication Studies (Years: 2)
DC132  Journalism (Years: 2)
DC133  Multimedia (Years: 2)
DC155 Applied Language and Translation Studies (Year: 2)
DC160  Chemistry with Artificial Intelligence (Years: 2)
DC161  Analytical Science (Years: 2,3)
DC162  Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (Years: 2,3)
DC166  Environmental Science and Technology (Years: 2,3)
DC167  Physics with Astronomy (Years: 2)
DC168  Genetics and Cell Biology (Years: 2,3)
DC169  Physics with Data Analytics (Years: 2)
DC171 Applied Physics (Years: 2)
DC173 Physics with Biomedical Science (Years: 2,3)
DC179 Bioprocessing (Years: 2)
DC181  Biotechnology (Years: 2)
DC190  Electronic and Computer Engineering (with choice of four majors) (Years: 2,3)
DC193  Mechatronic Engineering (Years: 2,3)
DC194  Mechanical and Sustainability Engineering (Years: 2,3)
DC195  Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (Years: 2,3)
DC197  Biomedical Engineering (Years: 2,3)
DC202  Sport Science and Health (Years: 2)  
DC203  Science Education (Years: 2)  
DC204  Athletic Therapy and Training (Years: 2)  
DC205  Physical Education with Biology (Years: 2)  
DC206  Physical Education with Mathematics (Years: 2)  
DC209  Health and Society (Years: 2)  
DC230  Economics, Politics and Law (Years: 2)
DC231  International Relations (Years: 2)
DC232  Law and Society (BCL) (Years: 2)
DC235  Education and Training - Daytime and Flexible Delivery Mode (full-time) (Years: 2)  
DC238  Social Sciences and Cultural Innovation (Years: 2)
DC240  Marketing, Innovation and Technology (Years: 2)
DC291  Arts: Joint Honours (Media Studies) (Years: 2)
DC292  Arts: Joint Honours (Law) (Years: 2)
DC293  Arts: Joint Honours (International Languages) (Years: 2)
DC295  Arts: Joint Honours (Politics) (Years: 2)