Biological Safety Committee | Membership

Faculty of Science and Health | Biological Safety Committee (BSC) Membership Listing 2023-2024
Surname First name Affiliation Status 
Lawrence Gary Chair, Biological Safety Committee Ex Officio
Byrne Barry Biosafety & General Safety Officer & Radiation Protection Officer Ex Officio
Collins Denis Life Sciences H&S Adviser  
Dean Catherine Research Innovation Support Services H&S Adviser  
Deveney Simon School of Health & Human Performance H&S Adviser  
Dodrill Graham School of Biotechnology (Technical) H&S Adviser  
Hawkins Paula Health & Safety Adviser Ex Officio
Hickey Grace Recording Secretary  
Kaza Seshu NRF/NCSR H&S Adviser  
Kierans Paula Health & Safety Manager Ex Officio
King Damien Fraunhofer Project Centre (FPC) H&S Adviser  
O'Donohue Damien Bio-Resource Centre H&S Adviser  
Rochfort Keith School of Nursing, Psychotherapy & Community Health H&S Adviser  
Somers Michele STEM Education, Innovation & Global Studies H&S Adviser  
Ul Ahad Inam School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering H&S Adviser  
Zurawski Tom School of Biotechnology (Academic) H&S Adviser  
vacant   Facilities Manager Ex Officio
vacant   Health Living Centre Adviser Ex Officio