Research Overview

Prof Christine Loscher

Associate Dean of Research

Prof Christine Loscher

The Faculty of Science and Health is home to a rich and diverse range of research disciplines across the life sciences and social sciences. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of cutting- edge research and we have an exemplary track record in driving multi-disciplinary research in order to address significant societal challenges in the area of Science and Health. Our research takes us on a journey of exploration across myriad stages of natural, human and health sciences.

We are involved in projects that seek to make a global difference and have a direct impact on discovery, learning and improving our society, environment and economy.  Whether it’s an interest in translational cancer genomic research, health systems, high energy astrophysics – yes, we’re talking gamma ray bursts and black holes – or the development of biotherapeutics for chronic pain, we are bursting with innovation and bright ideas.  Our research has an important focus on the development of Future Emerging Technologies to underpin the application of our research to these challenges. These areas include sensors, photonics, Imaging and nanotechnology.

A significant objective in our research is its translation into innovative solutions to real world problems and to this end, we work closely with all stakeholders, including industry, the public, patients groups and the health service. We have a broad and diverse portfolio of research funding from both national and international funding agencies as well as significant industry funding for our more commercially focused research.We have already achieved so much through key strategic industry, clinical and academic partnerships in areas that range from health, industrial, and environmental technologies, to professional healthcare, therapeutic innovation and human performance.

My own role as Associate Dean for Research has been hugely fulfilling with no two days the same as my colleagues, our students, and I, navigate the world of science with a focus on finding out as much as we can about our world – for the betterment of everyone.

I invite you to browse our research pages, find out about our ongoing projects, our incredible cutting-edge breakthroughs and our continued devotion to determine new ways of thinking, doing and improving how we live on a global scale.