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Exploring Our Universe

Room HG20, Nursing Building, Dublin City University, Collins Avenue Extension, Dublin 9
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Free of charge

Exploring Our Universe

As part of Science Week, DCU Centre for Astrophysics and Relativity will host a showcase of talks on black holes, time machines, satellites and exoplanets. The event is taking place as part of National Science Week. 

The event is open to everyone and is free - registration is required. 

The schedule for the evening is as follows:

18:30: "Planets near and far" by Dr. Sam McKeague.

19:00: "Black holes: the information graveyard" by Dr. Peter Taylor.

19:30: Coffee break

20:00: 'Telescopes of the 21st century' by Dr Masha Chernyakova.

20:30: 'How to build a time-machine' by Prof Brien Nolan.