Faculty of Science and Health | Transition Year Work Placement 2023

The 2023 Faculty of Science & Health Transition Year Placement Programmes in the Schools of Chemical, Mathematical and Physical Sciences will be held from 17th - 21st April 2023 inclusive.

All programmes will be open for application on Wednesday, 1st February 2023. No applications will be accepted before this date.

Further details on each placement option are available below.

Chemical Sciences, Physical Sciences and Mathematical Sciences Transition Year Work Placements

Transition Year students can enjoy a week of work experience with the School of Chemical Sciences, which includes working in a chemistry laboratory and learning the importance of safety when working with chemicals. Participants learn to synthesize and analyse pharmaceuticals, get a chance to use instrumentation, do some forensic analysis and learn about the applications of chemistry research. They also get a short course in Microsoft Powerpoint and give a mini presentation on their experience.

Alternatively, Transition Year students can spend time at the School of Physical Sciences experiencing life as a physicist - doing hands on activities, such as fabricating dye sensitive solar cells and launching rockets.  Students discover what it's like to study physics in a university environment and get a chance to attend first year lectures and laboratory sessions.

In our School of Mathematical Sciences Transition Year programme, students will participate in a range of activities that will allow them to see how mathematics is applied in a range of different areas such as astrophysics, financial risk and population modelling, and will look at some of the puzzles and paradoxes at the heart of mathematics. They will learn how to use relevant computer packages to prepare mathematical documents and will work in a team to make a presentation on a mathematical topic of their choice.

For further queries please email science@dcu.ie