Professor Amanda Drury
Experience working with people living with and after cancer has motivated Prof Drury's research interests

Amanda Drury receives commendation from Irish Research Council

Associate Professor in General Nursing at the School of Nursing, Psychotherapy and Community Health, Dr Amanda Drury has been awarded an Irish Research Council (IRC) Researcher of the Year commendation.

Dr Drury has worked as a nurse in cancer care settings offering chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. 

“My experience working with people living with and after cancer has motivated my research interests,” said Dr Drury. “My goal is to improve the organisation and delivery of cancer care and cancer survivorship services in Ireland and internationally.” 

The research projects that Dr Drury is working on focus on how healthcare professionals and cancer support services can best support people living with and after cancer to live well, and cope with the physical, psychological and social effects of cancer and its treatment. 

Dr Drury completed her PhD in Trinity College Dublin in 2018. For that doctorate, her research explored cancer survivors’ experiences of follow-up care in the Irish healthcare system. 

The results of this research highlight the challenges that people living with and after cancer may experience when they engage with the healthcare system. This can affect their quality of life and ability to manage the effects of cancer treatment. 

“The results of my doctoral research have informed the development of a framework for future interventions which can support cancer survivors to navigate the healthcare system and access care which is sensitive to their needs,” said Prof Drury. 

More recently, her research has focused on projects conducted in partnership with people affected by cancer, which aim to build an understanding of the needs of people living with cancer and provide education and training to healthcare professionals to address these needs. 

“My research focuses on the interaction between experiences of care in cancer services and the well-being of people who are living with an after cancer,” said Dr Drury. 

“People who are affected by cancer live with various physical, emotional and social effects of cancer, which can negatively impact their daily lives.” 

“Cancer care services are crucial to support people who are living with and after cancer to understand, manage and cope with the effects of cancer.”

“I am committed to ensuring the people affected by cancer have access to appropriate information and support throughout their cancer experience, to ensure that they can live was well as possible following a cancer diagnosis.” 

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