NS486 | Children's Neuroscience Care

Course summary 

NS486 Children’s Neuroscience Care

Who should apply?

Applicants must be working in a setting where they are likely to provide care to children with neuromedical/neurosurgical conditions. 

Module Aim

This module is designed to increase the theoretical knowledge base of healthcare practitioners who care for children with neuromedical/neurosurgical needs in both acute and community settings.  Students will gain a greater understanding of evidence-based neuroscience nursing care including underlying pathophysiology, treatment modalities and nursing management.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this module and following a period of

personal study, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate  an understanding of normal neuroanatomy and neurophysiology and its application to disordered function
  • Assess, plan, implement and evaluate evidence-based holistic family-centred care of the child with neuromedical/neurosurgical conditions and their family
  • Discuss the neuromedical/neurosurgical and pharmacological interventions available to support the child with altered neurological function
  • Analyse the psychological, sociocultural and economic implications of altered neurological function on the child and their family
  • Evaluate the contribution of the multi-disciplinary team in the care of children and their families who have neuroscience related needs

More information

The module will run in association with DCU in

January 2024.  It will be delivered in CHI at Temple Street on the following dates: January 15th/16th, February 6th/7th/28th and March 13th/25th 2024.

Applications will close: 5pm, Thursday, 9th November 2023

Credit / Level: Level 8, 5 ECTS Credits 

Module code: NS486

Cost of module: €400

Application forms are available from:

Faculty of Science and Health, Dublin City University, Dublin 9 

T: +353 (0) 1 700 8975

E: science@dcu.ie

W: dcu.ie/snpch/professional.shtml

For further details, contact:

Ms Siobhan O’Malley (ANP Children’s Epilepsy)

T: 01 892 1895

E: siobhan.omalley@cuh.ie

Ms Michelle Doyle (ANP Neurosurgical Nursing)

T: 087 431 8539

E: michelle.doyle@cuh.ie