Occupational Health and Safety Committee | Membership 2023-2024

Faculty of Science and Health | Occupational Health and Safety Committee | Membership 2023-2024
Surname First Name Affiliation  Membership Status
Kelleher Susan Chair Occupational Health & Safety Ex Officio
Barry Henry School of Physics H&S Adviser  Ex Officio
Boylan Pat School of Psychology H&S Adviser Ex Officio
Burke Helen RIS H&S Adviser  
Burke Maurice NRF H&S Adviser Ex Officio
Byrne Barry Biosafety & General Safety Officer Ex Officio
Collins Denis Life Sciences H&S Adviser Ex Officio
Cunningham David Technical staff (Biotechnology) Co-opted
Denis Romain School of Health & Human Performance H&S Adviser Ex Officio
Dobbyn Veronica Technical staff (Chemistry)  Co-opted
Dodrill Graham School of Biotechnology H&S Adviser Ex Officio
Hawkins Paula Health & Safety Adviser  Ex Officio
Hickey  Grace Recording Secretary Ex Officio
Ibrahim Hasim School of Chemistry, H&S Adviser Ex Officio
Kierans Paula Health & Safety Manager  Ex Officio
Lawrence  Gary Chair, Biological Safety Committee Ex Officio
May Ambrose School of Chemistry H&S Adviser (Deputy) Ex Officio
McKeon Michael School of Nursing, Psychotherapy & Community Health, H&S Adviser Ex Officio
Vacant   NCSR Adviser  
Razafimandimby Paul School of Maths H&S Adviser Ex Officio
Sinnott Robbie NRF H&S Adviser Ex Officio
Vacant   Manager of Facilities & Associated Services & University Radiation Safety Officer Ex Officio