DCU SciFest 2024 winner
Zuzanna Komon, St Joseph's Secondary School, the winner of the Best Project prize at DCU SciFest 2024.
Ms Dearbhla Finnegan
Dearbhla Finnegan, PhD candidate, School of Biotechnology, has led research that strong suggests that certain fermentates have great potential as functional foods for the treatment, management and control of viral infections.

Physics Research Day
Winners of the Physics Research Day prizes (from left to right): James Mahon, Leon Browne, Aoife Butler, Hannah McDonnell, Nika Gorchakova, Paul Cannon.
Paul Cannon, speaking at Tell it Straight 2024
Paul Cannon, who has received an invite to the prestigious Lindau meeting, speaking here at the DCU Tell it Straight competition 2024
Denis Collins School of Biotechnology
Assistant Prof Denis Collins has discovered a chemotherapy drug that kills skin cancer cells in the lab.
Dr Leeanne Hinch
Dr Leeanne Hinch is committed to breaking down barriers and creating pathways to success for the next generation of scientific leaders