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School of Applied Language & Intercultural Studies


Current Ph.D Students in SALIS

Please find the list of current Ph.D students in SALIS:

  • Bevin Doyle, Mute Eloquence: Ekphrasis in the Novels of John Banville
    (Supervisor: Dr. B. Le Juez)
  • Bozena Dubiel, Incomplete acquisition and attrition of Polish as a heritage language in children
    (Supervisor: Prof. E. Guilfoyle)
  • Catherine Fowley, Publishing the Confidential: Irish Adolescents, their Blogs and their Readers
    (Joint supervisors: Dr. F. Blin and Dr. M. O'Hagan)
  • Dearbhla McGrath, Weaving Words; Gender, Sexuality and Identity in women's
    (re)tellings of La Belle et la Bête'
    (Joint supervisors: Dr. B. Le Juez and Mr. J-P. Imbert).
  • Esther Murphy, The adaptation experience of the visually impaired migrant in Ireland
    (Supervisor: Dr. V. Sheridan).
  • Fatima Wali, Enhancing Arabic students' L2 writing through peer-reviewing: the case of Bahraini learners of English
    (Supervisor: Dr. F. Blin)
  • Fionnuala de Barra-Cusack, What is the optimum level of metadata components that should be provided in an online bilingual term bank and how does the presentation of those components affect user performance?
    (Supervisor: Dr. D. Kenny)
  • Giselle de Almeida, Modelling Post-Editing Behaviour to Design Specifications for Computer-Aided Tools and Training Programmes
    (Supervisor: Dr. S. O'Brien)
  • Gráinne Healy, Exploring the Meaning of Civil Partnership for Same-Sex Couples in Ireland
  • (Joint supervisors: Mr. J-P. Imbert and Dr. Mel Duffy (SNHS))
  • Gráinne Toomey, Gender and Discourse in Irish Political Life 
  • (Joint supervisors: Prof. J. Williams and Dr. A. Leahy).
  • Joss Moorkens, A Case Study of Consistency in Translation Memory
    (Joint supervisors: Dr. D. Kenny, Dr. S. O'Brien, and Mr. R. Schäler)
  • Karolina Jarmolowska, Translation of Witness Statements and their Impact on a Criminal Trial - A Case Study
    (Joint supervisors: Prof. J. Williams and Ms. M. Phelan)
  • Kimmo Kallio, Irish-Finnish Translation Relations. A Social Approach (Supervisor: Prof. M. Cronin)
  • Linlin Song, Learning the Chinese language and culture in informal online communities and social networks: an exploratory study
    (Supervisor: Dr. F. Blin)
  • Liwei Zhu, Diversity of values and faith in the cross-cultural adaptation of the Chinese migrants in Ireland
    (Supervisor: Dr. V. Sheridan)
  • Magdalena Dombek, Translation crowdsourcing as a new form of translation practice
    (Supervisor: Dr. M. O'Hagan)
  • Maria Ramirez de Arellano, Humour and Cross-Cultural Adaptation: The Evolution of Humour in the Adaption Process of Spanish Sojourners Living in Ireland
    (Supervisor: Dr. V. Sheridan)
  • Máirín Kelly, An Investigation of the Influences of Classroom Intervention Strategies on the Autonomy and Motivation of Adolescent Language Learners in FLA Contexts - An Experimental Research Project (Joint supervisors: Dr. J. Bruen, Ms. F. Gallagher and Dr. A. Simon
  • Mark Wallace, Manifestations of Anxiety of influence in TV and Film adaptions of Charles Dickens's work.(Supervisor: Dr Brigitte Le Juez)
  • Martina O'Byrne, Quality Issues for Community Interpreting in Health and Safety Training For the Construction Industy in Ireland
    (Supervisor: Prof. J. Williams)
  • Mary Phelan, Communication with Limited English Proficiency Patients in a Maternity Hospital
    (Supervisor: Prof. J. Williams)
  • Michèle Milan, French Influence in XIXth Century Ireland through Translation
    (Supervisor: Prof. M. Cronin)
  • Morwena Denis, The Margins Translated: French Caribbean Writing In The Global Village. Je Traduis donc je suis: l'Impossible entre-deux des fictions créolitaires
    (Supervisor: Prof. M. Cronin)
  • Nina Shiel, Upgrading Ekphrasis. Representations of Digital Space and Virtual Worlds in Contemporary Literature.
  • Omar Baz Radwan, Hyphenated Ethnicity: Contemporary LEbanese-American Poetry and the Search for Cultural Identities
  • (Joint supervisors: Mr. J-P. Imbert and Dr. S. Aghacy (Lebanese American University)
  • Patricia Garcia, The Architectural Void: Space as Transgressive Subject in Contemporary Fantastic Short Fiction.
    (Joint supervisors: Mr. J-P. Imbert and Dr. D. Roas (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona))
  • Rosina Owens, Journeying into the Heart of Darkness: Does the Growth in Popularity of Genocide Tourism Advance the Development of Strategies for Managing the Past and Educating for the Future?
    (Joint supervisors: Dr. A. Maillot and Dr. D. Denby)
  • Stephen Doherty, A Comparative Investigation of the Readability and Comprehensibility of SMT and RBMT Output for Controlled and Uncontrolled Input
    (Joint supervisors: Dr. S. O'Brien and Dr. D. Kenny)
  • Susanna Nocchi, Exploring the Potential of Virtual Reality Environments to Promote Intercultural Competence in Students Learning Italian as a Foreign Language
    (Joint supervisors: Dr. F. Blin and Dr. V. Sheridan)
  • Sylvie Thouësny, Modeling second language learners' interlanguage and its variability: A computer-based dynamic assessment approach to distinguishing between errors and mistakes
    (Supervisor: Dr. F. Blin)
  • Tuan Nguyen, The translation of Irish chick lit novels into Vietnamese
    (based on the translations of books by Marian Keyes and Cecelia Ahern)
    (Joint supervisors: Prof. M. Cronin and Prof. J. Williams)
  • Yvonne Igoe, An Analysis of Irish Language Current Affairs Programming on RTE Television 1962 – 1987
    (Joint supervisors: Dr. E. O'Connell and Dr. B. O'Connor)
  • Zara Blake, Invisible people: Literary expressions of marginalisation from the Gaeltacht to the Ghetto (Joint supervisors: Dr. B. Le Juez and Prof. M. Cronin).