Science and Health | New Courses

Learn more about our bold new offerings in the Faculty of Science and Health, all of our courses focus on getting you career ready and provide you with the skills you need to take on an ever changing world.

Here in Science and Health we are taking bold new steps, in providing you with a radically re-imagined curriculum, built on deep industry partnerships, that will transform your learning journey through challenge based, immersive learning experiences, industry led hackathons, final year capstone projects and embedded skills development for future leaders. From chemical sciences to psychology there is something to suit your interests and goals for your future.   

Groundbreaking courses will deepen students' expertise and abilities to enable them to develop potential solutions to the biggest issues facing our world - today, and tomorrow. Students will explore topics including strategies to protect against future pandemics (Global Challenges), to transition to a zero carbon economy (Sustainable Systems & Energy), to investigate how technology is transforming human behaviour (Psychology & Disruptive Technologies) and to leverage technology to transform business (Digital Business & Innovation). 

Our new courses will position our students at the forefront of advances in areas such as communication technologies and medical imaging (Physics with Data Analytics), breakthroughs in drug discovery (Chemistry with Artificial Intelligence), advances in bioprocessing (Bioprocessing) and insights into business performance (Business with Analytics). Our students will learn from the past to protect our future (Climate & Environmental Sustainability) and combine psychological and mathematical techniques to deepen our understanding of human behaviour (Psychology & Mathematics).

All of our courses at DCU focus on getting our students career ready and provide them with the skills you need to take on an ever-changing world. 


Bioprocessing is at the heart of the biopharmaceutical and related  industries. The BSc in Bioprocessing is an interactive and dynamic course that will develop your knowledge and appreciation of the conceptual and factual bases for bioprocess design and operation. 

To study Bioprocessing, you must join our Biological Sciences General Entry course (DC180) and choose this option at the end of Year 1. Full details can be found HERE.


The BSc in Physics with Data Analytics will allow you to combine the skills and knowledge of a Physics degree with the advanced data analytics tools you need to solve real-world problems in new and exciting ways.

To study Physics with Data Analytics, you must join our Physical Sciences General Entry course (DC175) and choose this option at the end of Year 1. Full details can be found HERE.


Develop numeracy, analytic and problem-solving skills to further the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour.  The BSc in Psychology and Mathematics (DC207) is the first course in Ireland to integrate these subjects for students interested in a career that combines the interpretation of human behaviour with high-level numeracy, analytical and problem solving skills.  Full details can be found HERE.


The BSc in Chemistry with Artificial Intelligence is a groundbreaking degree course, one of the first of its kind, where you will learn the skills needed from both a chemistry and a computing perspective, to allow you to harness the enormous potential of applying AI to chemistry.

To study Chemistry with Artificial Intelligence, you must join our Chemical Sciences General Entry course (DC163) and choose this option at the end of Year 1. Full details can be found HERE.


The BSc in Psychology and Disruptive Technologies (DC210) offers the unique opportunity to study psychology and understand human behaviour in combination with disruptive technologies that are fundamentally transforming lives and driving behavioural and societal change, sometimes raising challenges. 

This course will provide the skills, expertise and values for you to be able to work in a rapidly changing and diverse technological environment in behaviour change, mental wellbeing, health, enhancement and rehabilitation, and innovation. Full details can be found HERE.