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DCU Learning Innovation Fund (LIF) 2005/2006
Project Scheme


The Teaching & Learning Innovation Scheme(TLIS) is a special fund designated on an annual basis by the DCU Executive Committee to support strategic innovation and enhancement of the University's Teaching and Learning activities. It is administered by the Office of the Vice President for Learning Innovation(OVPLI) with the advice of the Teaching and Learning Committee.

Specific allocations were made from this fund in the session 2003-2004 to support development projects to enhance teaching and learning activities in DCU. The maximum available award from the TLIS was €15,000 per project. Total project costs may, of course, be in excess of this if the additional funding is being provided from other source(s).

Applications were reviewed by the TLIS Evaluation Panel, a sub-committee of the Teaching & Learning Committee, according to a detailed evaluation process. Applicants were informed of the outcomes on 24 March 2005..

While all applicants were provided with individual feedback, the Evaluation Panel also compiled a number of general comments on the applications, and the process, as a whole. In summary, a total of 24 applications were received, seeking €235,297 in funding; 9 awards were made, amounting to an allocation from the TLIS of €102,432

The award winners and copies of the full original application information are provided below.

Dr. Michael Parkinson - Development of a flexible learning strategy using problem-based learning

Dr. Adam McAuley - Creating a Clinical Legal Education Environment

Professor Richard O'Kennedy - Development of a thematic, cross-disciplinary module in creativity and discovery

Charlie Daly - Rich Feedback in Moodle

Justin Rami - Workshops and manual aimed at the professional development of part-time and guest lecturers in relation to assessment and marking of education students

Margaret Farren - The Development of an Enhanced Integrated Environment for e-learning within Moodle

Paul van Kampen - Teaching Physics by Inquiry

Dr Edel Conway - Using ICT to Support Personal and Professional Development Planning at DCU

Dr. Donal Fitzpatrick - Multi-Modal Mathematics: Listening to, and Feeling Equations