Supporting a Research Culture

The very essence of the TEU is that we are a service unit, here to provide support and advice to staff in order to improve the learner experience for our students. This page outlines some examples of the type of support that we offer. If you would like more information please click on the various sections below or contact - we are delighted to help wherever we can.



“The TEU provides academic staff with the right type of professional learning and support for their own context. In my context, the TEU has given me pedagogical advice and technical support on new teaching approaches for the digital era.

For example, I have just introduced the creation of interactive video content as a learning activity into a First Year French Language module. Students were initially hesitant to transition from being passive video consumers to active creators but with the help of the TEU, acting as a sounding board and giving advice on how best to facilitate this change, it has been very successful. The encouragement from the TEU was essential on a personal level also.”

Dr Maria Loftus, School of Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies.