2018 Nominees

President’s Awards for Excellence in Teaching 2017/2018


DCU Institute of Education

Nicola Broderick, STEM Education, Innovation and Global Studies

Dr Sandra Cullen, School of Human Development

Dr Catherine Mulryan-Kyne, School of Policy and Practice

Dr Jane O’Kelly, School of Policy and Practice

Physical Education Team, School of Arts Education & Movement:  Dr Frances Murphy, Dr Maura Coulter, Susan Marron, Dr Bronagh McGrane

Primary Maths Education Team, School of STEM Education, Innovation and Global Studies:  Dr Lorraine Harbison, Dr Thérèse Dooley, Dr Aisling Twohill, Dr Maurice OReilly, Paul Grimes

Dr Justin Rami, School of Policy and Practice

Faculty of Engineering & Computing

Dr Cathal Gurrin, School of Computing

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Dr Aisling De Paor, School of Law & Government

Dr Ciarán Dunne, SALIS

Dr Jules Gaspard, School of Law & Government

Martin Molony, School of Communications

Dr Aileen Pearson-Evans, SALIS

Dr Ethna Regan, School of Theology, Philosophy and Music

Dr Diarmuid Torney, School of Law & Government

Faculty of Science & Health

Dr David Collins, School of Biotechnology

Bernadette Dowling

Sean Duffy, School of Nursing & Human Sciences

Dr Louise Hopper, School of Nursing & Human Sciences

Anne Kirwan, School of Nursing & Human Sciences

Dr Jenny Lawler, School of Biotechnology

Professor Eugene O’Riordan, School of Mathematical Sciences

DCU Business School

Dr Janine Bosak

Professor PJ Byrne

Gerry Conyngham

Ruth Finnegan and Dr Claire Gubbins, MBA Programme

Dr Artemisa Jaramillo

Joanne Lynch

Next Generation Management (NGM) Team: Gerry Conyngham, Terry O’Brien, Grace Fox, Maura McAdam, Jennifer Farrell, Jona Kalemi

Dr John Nolan

Dr Dónal O’Brien

Dr Lisa van der Werff

DCU Connected

Nuala Lonergan

Michelle Smyth


Willie O’Sullivan