2021 Winners

Teaching Support Category Winner

Dr Cameron Peers

Faculty of Science and Health

“To use a good analogy that I heard recently, staff were thirsty for knowledge with the move to hybrid delivery, sometimes we felt like we were hit with a water cannon instead of being given a glass of water, Cameron has been that glass of water!”

Team Category Winner

B.Rel.Ed. School Placement/TOP Online Programme Team

School of Policy and Practice

Dr Audrey Doyle, Dr Enda Donlon, Marie Conroy Johnson, Dr PJ Sexton, Dr Elaine McDonald

“I am continually astounded at the Team’s success in implementing a rapidly executed but thoroughly considered alternative to the type of school placement rendered impossible by the pandemic. They equipped students at immense speed with the additional technological skills and encouragement needed for the new reality.”

New Lecturer Category Winner

Aishling Silke

School of Language, Literacy and Early Childhood Education

“She has just been a wonderful lecturer from the first time she taught us, to the sheer dedication she has put in with organizing  placement during the current pandemic - her love for DCU and education makes learning fun and motivates us, our students, to do our best!” 

Distinctive Approaches to Teaching Winner

David Kennedy

School of Human Development

“It is clear this has not been an easy period of time for anyone regarding online learning and online teaching, but having a lecturer with this amount of enthusiasm and clarity within their module in an online setting really helped facilitate my learning over the course of the year.”

Distinctive Approaches to Assessment and Feedback

Dr Barbara Dignam

School of Theology, Philosophy, and Music

“Barbara has revitalised the assessments in her modules to make them relatable for the modern student, and to give students a strong sense of ongoing development and achievement.”

Distinctive Approaches to Innovation in Teaching

Dr Diarmuid Torney

School of Law and Government

“Diarmuid is by far the most organised and prepared lecturer I have ever worked with. He is very structured with his course content, and having such a great handle on his teachings brings confidence to his students. His insight into climate change policy is unrivalled and learning in Diarmuid's lectures is effortless.”

Overall Winner

Dr Monica Ward

School of Computing

“We would be lost without her and she really deserves this award for her extra special contribution this year above all other years. Monica is an excellent teacher to both staff and students. The feedback from students has been consistently positive and is usually sprinkled with words such as ‘enjoyable’ and ‘enthusiasm’.”