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This section has the following headings: Module Code, Title/Long Title, Module Coordinator/Author, NFQ Level, School, ECTS Credits, Description and Keywords.

Module Code, Title/Long Title, Module Coordinator/Author NFQ Level, School, ECTS Credits

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Please provide a 200-250  word description of the module.

Points to note:
  • The description should refer to the module’s purpose, content, context and audience attributes (if applicable)
  • Initiate the description with an indication of whether the module is —overall— primarily,  knowledge, know-how and skill or competence based.
  • Do not simply repeat the module learning outcomes here.
  • Provide an indication of the learning activities/teaching methodologies employed.
  • For INTRA modules please provide detail on context and duration of placement, the student’s expected role and the support mechanisms available.


This know-how and skills module introduces participants to basic statistical inference. Students will learn how to use standard econometric methods in an investment economics context. The approach taken addresses the needs of participants as (i) informed consumers of econometric information and work that uses econometric techniques; and (ii) users of econometric methods to test or explore economic and financial hypotheses. Additionally, this module provides a platform of knowledge that allows participants to tackle work that requires more sophisticated econometric approaches.

Students will participate in the following learning activities:

Lectures:  students will attend a series of lectures designed to introduce learners to the mathematical principles and techniques that underpin this module.
Seminars: students will attend seminars at which guest speakers will introduce learners to some of the key topics in the module.
Presentations: Each student (or groups of students)  will make a presentation on a topic from the module to the class.
Discussions:  Seminars and student presentations will be followed by discussions and all students are expected to contribute to discussions
Problem-solving: A series of problem sheets will be given to the class and students are required to submit solutions to these problems
Reading: Students are expected to fully utilise the textbooks and other resources listed below.


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