Learning Innovation Unit, Dublin City University

 Writing Module Learning Outcomes

The Affective Domain

If a learning outcome requires students to demonstrate their attitudes or values or to integrate belief values, ideas and attitudes of others they will be demonstrating learning through the affective domain. Choosing an action verb to demonstrate feelings and emotions is not always easy. Use the list of verbs below to help you choose an action verb relevant to this domain.

Acknowledge Combine  Display Justify  Relate
Act  Complete  Dispute Listen  Report
Adhere  Conform  Embrace Order  Resolve
Ask Co-operate  Follow  Organise  Respond
Accept  Defend Hold  Participate  Share
Demonstrate* Initiate Practise  Show
Attempt  Integrate  Share  Support 
Assist   Differentiate Join  Praise  Synthesise
Discuss Judge  Question  Value

* A belief in or an appreciation of.