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President's Awards for Excellence in Teaching: Award Categories and prizes

Academic Staff

  • This category recognises contributions by staff directly involved in teaching for three years or more. Staff nominated under this category will be invited to support their nomination(s) with a short supporting document.

New Lecturers/Tutors

  •  This category recognizes New Lecturers/Tutors with fewer than 3 years teaching experience. Those  nominated in this category not required to submit a supporting document.

Academic Support Staff

  • This category recognises contributions by staff responsible for supporting student learning (as opposed to those with a direct teaching role).
  • Examples include, but are not limited to, technical staff and members of Library, Registry, Information Support Services (ISS) etc.


A teaching enhancement grant of €8,000 shall be awarded in the Academic Staff category with an additional €2,500 award for First Time Lecturers/Tutors. The Academic Support Staff prize is for €2,500. Winners may use this money to further enhance their teaching practice/student learning (for example to facilitate conference participation or to purchase materials or equipment relating to teaching development). Winners will also receive a commemorative piece of Tipperary Crystal and all nominees will receive a commemorative piece of Newbridge Silverware.

President's Awards: Tipparary Crystal prize

President's Awards: Newbridge pen                    President's Awards: Newbridge clock  

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