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Feeling swamped? Getting Organised

Structure your week

Put a structure on your week! Some students feel like every week is different to the next, they don't have a routine and so study time is not constant! In 5 easy steps, put some structure on your week!

1. Use a weekly planner, update it weekly, accounting for events or appointments that will always vary.
2. Outline all your fixed time commitments first- such as lectures, tutorials, labs, etc.
3. Schedule activities associated with day-to-day living e.g. eating, sleeping, household activities, church, etc. If you work part-time block off that time too.
4. Block off recreation time. Set aside regular time for such recreational activities as sports, clubs, TV, socialising, reading, personal commitments, etc
5. Now that you have that out of the way, bring in your study plans. Plan enough time for study for all your subjects. To begin with you should plan about two hours of study for each hour spent in the classroom. This is an average and realistic guideline and in time you will be able to evaluate whether or not it meets your study needs.

Stick to this every week! This will ensure you are constantly working but have enough time set out to enjoy college life! For more information on scheduling and stucturing your week go here...