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 Writing Module Learning Outcomes

Addressing Common Problems Associated with Writing Module Learning Outcomes

Sample of Problematic Module Outcomes for Critiquing 

The following set of Module Outcomes have some of the common problems outlined of these guidelines. Use this set of outcomes as an exercise to help you understand learning outcomes by critiquing against the list of  common problems and checking against the general guidelines.

Module Title: Marketing Management (Final Year Undergraduate Module)
The module introduces and develops the concepts of marketing in a critical way and focuses on the application of marketing conceptual frameworks.

Module Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of the module students will be able to:

  • Understand the role and functions of marketing within a range of organisations.
  • Understand key marketing concepts, theories and techniques for analysing a variety of marketing situations.
  • Identify and demonstrate the dynamic nature of the environment in which marketing decisions are taken and appreciate the implications for marketing strategy determination and implementation.
  • Use written formats to communicate marketing outcomes.
  • Apply the introduced conceptual frameworks, theory and techniques to various marketing contexts.
  • Analyse the relevance of marketing concepts and theories in evaluating the impacts of environmental changes on marketing planning, strategies and practices.
  • Demonstrate the ability to carry out a research project that explores marketing planning and strategies for a specific marketing situation.
  • Synthesise ideas into a marketing plan.
  • Demonstrate the ability to justify marketing strategies and advocate a strategically informed position when considering marketing plan implementation.
  • Manage themselves and members they work with in a team when undertaking independent management study.
  • Access skills that enable them to target and secure work placements.