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 2009/2010 President's Award for Excellence in Teaching:
Academic Staff and New Lecturers/Tutors Nomination Form

Deadline for nominations: 6th April, at 5pm

Please note that the form below is for nominating Academic Staff or New Lecturers/Tutors. To nominate a member of Academic Support Staff please use the Academic Support Staff Nomination Form. Please contact learning.innovation@dcu.ie if you have any questions about using the forms.

Please note the following

  •  Fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed.
  •  You are strongly encouraged to prepare and save all required information in advance then copy and paste the information into the relevant sections of the online form. This is to ensure you do not lose information in the event of any technical problems which may occur during online submission.
  •  The online form only saves plain text; any formatting (fonts, colours, images, etc.) will be lost when submitting.
  •  When you are happy with the information you have entered in each of the fields, click the SUBMIT button at the end of the form to submit your nomination.

Additional information

Academic Staff and New Lecturers/Tutors Nomination Form

Who are you nominating? 

*Nominee's Name (in the case of a team or group nomination, enter the name of the team or group):

If you are nominating a team or group, please enter each team member's name (One per line)

Are you nominating this person/group under the Academic Staff or New Lecturers/Tutors category (Lecturers/Tutors with less than 3 years teaching experience). If unsure, select Unsure.

*Nominee's School:

*Nominee's Email Address (in the case of a team or group  nomination, enter a single email address):

Proposer Details

*Your Name:

*Please indicate your relationship to the nominee(s):

If "Other", please specify

*Affiliation: For staff this should be your school, department or unit; for students or alumni this should be your programme of study.

*Your email address:

Supporters of this nomination

Please enter the name, status (staff/student or alumni) and email address of any individuals supporting this nomination (One per line)

Nomination details

Please complete the following as best you can, referring to the documents What is Teaching Excellence and  Evaluation criteria for Academic Staff as a guide. Student nominators may elect not to complete section 3

1. *Approach to Teaching 

Please describe your knowledge and/or experience of the nominee’s teaching approaches, including classroom, tutorial, laboratory and online/technology-enhanced teaching. 

2. *Approach to Subject 

Please use this space to refer to the nominee's approach to the subject being taught.

3.  Teaching Development 

Use this area to discuss the nominee's approach to self and colleagues' development in relation to teaching and learning.  
Student nominators may elect not to complete this section. 

4. *Assessment Approaches

Use this section to demonstrate the nominee's approach to assessment, in particular their approach to formative assessment (assessment during the course of the semester, that may or may contribute to a student's overall mark for a module).

5. Additional information

Please use this space to add anything about the nominee(s) you feel has not already been addressed above. 


When all the required information has been entered on the form, click the SUBMIT button below.

Provided the form has been filled in appropriately your application will be processed and a confirmation page will be displayed. You will receive an automatic email acknowledgement of your nomination. If you do not receive an email confirmation or if you have any problems or questions relating to your nomination submission, please contact learning.innovation@dcu.ie.