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Guidelines for completing DCU Module descriptors on Coursebuilder

Outcomes tab

Learning Outcomes

DCU learning outcomes describe the knowledge, skills and competencies that a typical learner is expected to demonstrate upon successful completion of a process of learning.

To input learning outcomes:
  1. Please enter one learning outcome into the text box then press Add.
  2. Repeat until all Learning Outcomes for the module have been entered.
Points to note:

Writing learning outcomes

During the summer the AFI Executive group reviewed approximately 200 of the sets of learning outcomes submitted to date. A number of common issues were noted during this process. Please review your learning outcomes to ensure that the following issues are addressed, if applicable:
  • Review learning outcomes for any ambiguous words/phrases.
  • Review the use of words/phrases which are difficult to assess, e.g., 'effectively', 'confidently', 'be familiar with'.
  • Review use of the verbs 'describe', 'understand', 'demonstrate understanding' in learning outcomes relating to theory.
  • Ensure learning outcomes are neither too broad (i.e. more appropriate as programme outcomes) nor too specific (i.e. more appropriate as lecture outcomes).
  • If applicable, reference specific and relevant theories/concepts of subject matter (e.g., linear algebra, sociology, etc).
    E.g., rather than 'Students will be able to solve elementary mathematical problems' consider an outcome such as 'Students will be able to solve elementary mathematical problems relating to differential calculus'.
  • If applicable, provide detail on the context of application of learning outcomes. 
  • For a 5 credit module the suggested number of learning outcomes is 4 - 6 (a greater number of learning outcomes may be applicable for modules that have been assigned a larger number of credits).
  • For INTRA modules, learning outcomes should reflect professional attributes at the appropriate level. 
For more information on writing learning outcomes please to refer to DCU's guidelines on writing module learning outcomes.

Entering and formatting learning outcomes

  • Course builder automatically precedes each set of learning outcomes with the text “On successful completion of this module the learner will be able to…” In order that each set of learning outcomes is grammatically coherent, please ensure that each outcome begins with an action verb.
  • To ensure consistency across module descriptors please begin each learning outcome with a capital letter and complete with a full stop.
  • There is no need to manually number or bullet learning outcomes: Course Builder automatically numbers each learning outcome.