Learning Innovation Unit - Learning Innovation Inititatives - 2006 Call

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DCU Teaching & Learning Fund (TLF): 2006/2007
President's Teaching & Learning Awards

Nomination of a member of teaching support staff

Issued: 20th March 2007
Closing: 16th April 2007
Reference: tlf/2006-2007/PresAwards/Teachingsupport

Please note that this form is for nomination of a member of teaching support staff. To nominate an academic member of staff please use the nomination form for an academic member of staff.

Please read the brief document Online Forms: Some Tips n' Tricks before completing this form. Fields marked with an asterisk (*must be filled in.

You are strongly encouraged to prepare all required information first using a suitable word processing package or text editor, so that you can save this information, and thus protect against any technical problems which may occur during online submission. The information can then be copied and pasted into the appropriate sections below. Note that only "plain" text information will be retained in the form: so any complex formatting (fonts, colours, images, etc.) will be lost. 

When all the appropriate information has been pasted in, please activate the Submit button below the form.

Proposer Details


*Please indicate your relationship to the nominee:

If "Other", please specify

*Affiliation: For staff this should be your school; for students (past or current) this should be your programme.

*Email Address:

*Supporters - Name, status, email address:
(One per line)

Nominee details



*Email Address:

*Nomination details

Please indicate how the nominee supports student learning. You should give examples of the type of contact/support this individual provides, in particular how they go beyond your normal expectations

Please use this space to describe your own reasons for nominating this person. 


When all the required information has been filled in, please activate the Submit button below.

Provided the form has been filled in appropriately, your application will be recorded, and a confirmation page should be displayed in your browser. You should also receive an automatic email acknowledgement, including a copy of all the data you have entered. This should arrive within a few minutes, though at worst it may be delayed up to an hour or so. If you do not receive this, or all the entered data is not present, or if you have any other problem or question relating to your application, please contact learning.innovation@DCU.ie.