Learning Innovation Unit - President Award Winners

Learning Innovation Unit

DCU Learning Innovation Fund (LIF) 2005/2006
President's Award for Excellence in Teaching and Learning: Award Winners

The award-winners in 2005/06 are as follows:

The nominees in 2005/06 were

John Appleby, Mathematics

John Appleby!!!LEGEND!!! He should definately be recognised at a higher level for being the most inspirational and helpful man Ive ever had the pleasure of meeting! His method of teaching will bring you a long way and is error proof! Its hard to fail!

Francesco Cavatorta, School of Law and Government

Fantastic lecturer. Made the topic he teaches very interesting. Gives time to his student like no other lecturer.

James Armstrong, Communications

James has consistently challenged and inspired us through the two years we have been with him so far. His depth of knowledge and passion for the subjects he teaches has helped us to really develop our creative and artistic talents. Every lecture has been a pleasure.

Michael Cronin, Salis

He was a truly stunning lecturer. His engaging lecturing style, his depth of knowledge on his chosen topics, his use of humour in his lectures... the list of his talents are endless..... his lectures were the most enthralling ones which I have experienced in DCU... Funny, approachable and inspiring.

Yan Delaure, Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

Committed, interested, very sharp, well prepared always, has a broad idea of his field, very professional, patient, well organized, can think and predict very well and very far.

Michael Doherty, Law & Government

He makes the students feel as if he actually cares about how they are getting on with their studies and their general well-being…. through humour he actually makes the subjects bearable. He is just a lecturer that distinguishes himself.

Abdul Ghani Olabi, Mechanical Engineering

For his instruction in design subjects which makes them easy. For his part in international placement and collaboration which allows many engineering students including myself to take part in exchanges in both companies and educational institutes and therefore improving our chances of employment.


Maggie Gibbon,SALIS

I believe Maggie Gibbon to have inspired the whole class by her great enthusiasm and energy for the subjects she was teaching. She is a fantastic and talented and dedicated teacher, and very knowledgeable with a great ability to communicate that knowledge to others.

Markus Helfert, Computing

….he was helpful not just in the academic side but also would encourage you to take part in extra curricular activities which are closely related to your studies. He also used to call guest lectures on regular basis, which again encourages you to work harder.

Damien Hickey, Communications

One of the most distinctive qualities of this candidate is his selfless quality of sacrificing his own time to help students. He has far surpassed his duties when it comes to teaching. Teaching is not just confined to the classroom and Damien has proved this.

Teresa Hogan, Business School

Her qualities include: An excellent lecturing style which is both interesting and informative, bringing what could be mundane subjects to life. Her style includes student interaction, humour and thought provocation…. Teresa consistently showed that she was committed to her students and genuinely interested in our development.

Eddie Holt, Communications

He's deadly. He is extremely helpful and approachable. He talks to the class and not at them. He makes an effort to engage the class in a lecture. He has lived in the "real" world and this life experience comes through in class. All of Eddie Holt's qualities as a lecturer come from one source: his decency. He could cut it in most professions; I'm grateful he chose journalism.

Sarah Ingle, DCU Business School

She is an excellent lecturer; she is clear, interesting and practical. Sarah is involved personally in a number of different activities that are very beneficial to her own personal students and any other in the college. Sarah runs SILS (Schools Industry Liaison Scheme) and also organises WIN@DCU.ie, which involves successful female businesswomen to talk to students.

Billy Kelly, DCU Business School

Mr Billy Kelly is a very special lecturer. He is perfectly prepared before the lecture starts …..His rhetorical skills are outstanding. Mr Kelly perfectly knows how to explain complex and complicated things in a way that everybody understands them.

Patrick Kinsella, Communications

Patrick Kinsella has had the most profound affect on me as a student of Journalism. His experience and enthusiasm for the job come through in each and every one of his lectures…It’s worth noting that many of the people who we encountered [on industry visits] were graduates of this degree and remembered Patrick and what he had taught them, and still use this knowledge everyday.

Frank Kirby

Frank Kirby is a great lecturer. He lectures in a very difficult subject made easy by his coherent explanations….. deals with students in a respectful manner and answers queries succinctly…..a very approachable lecturer dealing with any problems one may have in a friendly yet professional manner….. He teaches students using a language they understand.

Carmen Mangiron, SALIS

….made all classes very interesting, apart from being such a kind warm and interesting person, she was always engaging the class from whether it was a smile or a joke….Great Energy !! ……Everybody enjoys going to her classes and she makes everyone feel welcome all the time.

Aine McGillicuddy, SALIS

She is one of those lecturers who no matter when you meet her she will always greet you by name. She's always organised and doesn't take her mood out on the class, even when we aren't being the most co- operative. She seems to remember everyone and is inclusive of us all.

Des McGuinness, Communications

Des has made a great impact on my learning here in DCU. He takes the time to get to know each of his students on a personal level. His lectures are always delivered without bias, even though he often touches on subjects which he feels very passionate about and are very controversial. He places great attention on the role of the student in the lecture, his lectures leave time for dialogue with the class. He puts a great amount of research into his lectures and always asks his students for criticism, so that he can make them better.

John McLoughlin, Chemical Sciences

John is an outstanding individual, whose dedication and hardwork are second to none. He has been of great guidance and support to our class for the past four years. We admit that he had to put up with alot from us but he took it all in good humour!! Fareplay to ya John!! By nominating John for this award, it hoped he will finally get the recognition which he so greatly deserves.

David Molloy

David has been an excellent lecturer, very clear, great notes and very open to questions. It was a pleasure being in his class.

Noel Murphy & Noel O’Connor, Electronic Engineering

Having been both an undergrad (1986 - 1990) and postgrad (2003-2006) student in DCU I have to say that this module is one of the most engaging I have ever studied due in no small part to the efforts of the lecturers. Their deep knowledge of the subject matter is manifest, the course material is of the highest standard, the practical assignments are interesting and challenging and the style of presentation of both lecturers makes the course material very easy to understand and very interesting to follow.

Brien Nolan, Mathematics

Brien Nolan has been very well-organized. That includes clear course structures, excellent lecture notes with a lot of representative examples helping students to understand. He is also very patient, approachable and responsible to students.

Richard O’Kennedy, Biotechnology

He always lectures with great enthusiasm and excitement, and can therefore make any subject seem interesting and worthwhile to learn. Students always looked forward to his lectures and he regarded class participation as very important

Donal O'Mathuna

Excellent lecturer, very interactive classes, very approachable, great sense of humour, very knowledgeable and intriguing

Helena Sheehan, Communications

Helena Sheehan at the School of Communications is a teacher in the traditional sense. She illustrates in-depth and passionate knowledge of her subject, which she has the ability to impart to her students in a vivid and passionate manner.Helena demonstrates a broad range of knowledge and an ability to apply her specialised discipline to other areas of thought and learning.

Barry Smith, DCU Business School

Excellent lecturer. Clearly passionate about accounting. Very helpful and approachable. Demands and keeps the whole classes’ attention. Good structure for notes on Moodle. Gives appropriate and concise notes. Encourages interaction in our class.

Paul Young, Mechanical Engineering

Paul is an excellent and enthusiastic teacher. Approachable and patient with all, with good sense of humour, and makes obscure subjects understandable.

Ray Walshe, Computing

Strict approach to discipline in all lectures. Provided excellent notes on all aspects of the course and all his own. He provided extensive exam preparation for the module as well as relating experiences in industry. Also very willing to answer any questions via any means: email, forum, lecture or meeting.