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LLL2010 EU Project: Towards a Lifelong Learning Society

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Towards a Lifelong Learning Society in Europe: The Contribution of the Education System Project was finalised in February 2011 and involved at different stages all in all contribution of 110 persons. We are very much grateful to International Advisory Board members and the European Commission reviewers for their input. And our special thanks to Eurostat for consulting the project in regard to international datasets.

The project focused on the contribution of the education system to the implementation of lifelong learning and its role as a potential agent of social integration in Europe. Its aims and objectives were to study the effect of country-specific institutions on access of adults to the education system and to assess the effectiveness of access policies and practices in different EU member, as well as in associated countries and their implications for the creation of European knowledge society. 

Sub-Project 5 investigated the role of educational institutions in relation to the promotion of access of adults to the education system. The Irish research team in the Educational Disadvantage Centre were the European co-ordinators for the consortium on this sub-project, which commenced in January 2009.