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The development of the toolkit was developed by Paul Downes, Dublin City University under Cedefop’s framework contract 2013-FWC25/AO/ECVL/IPS-ARANl/EarlyLeaving/OO5/13 and the responsibility of Irene Psifidou, Cedefop expert at the Department for learning and employability, headed by Antonio Ranieri.  

Growth Mindset Classroom Intervention - GMCI

The main purpose of the Growth Mindset Classroom Intervention is to give the children the tools to empower themselves and take control over their own learning.

Supporting Speech, Language and Communication in the Primary Classroom and Beyond: An Online Summer Course for Primary School Teachers

Co-authored by a primary school teacher and a speech and language therapist,  both disciplines have been merged to provide a practical, useful and informative summer course for teachers.

Traveller Community Teaching Resource

Written by Annmarie Collins, a teacher and graduate of Trinity College Dublin and Marino Institute of Education. Annmarie understands first-hand, the ‘crucial role teachers play in shaping the lives of young people’ and hopes this resource will help fellow educators to create intercultural and inclusive educational experiences for all students. The Travelling Community Resource aims to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of Traveller Culture and Heritage. 

The Indicators for Inclusive Systems in and around schools - Webinar.

November 20th 2020. School Education Gateway. 

This webinar discusses the indicators for inclusive systems in and around schools that were used for the self-assessment tool on the European Toolkit for Schools website, and how these indicators can be useful for schools, administrators or teacher education.

Erna Nairz-Wirth - Associate Professor and Head of the Education Sciences Group at Vienna University of Economics and Business and member of the EDC’s International Research Network on Equity in Youth Education and Training

Dr Per Kornhall -  an independent author, lecturer, and consultant in school development and education Business and member of the EDC’s International Research Network on Equity in Youth Education and Training

Moderator: Inna Agadzhanova - School Education Gateway

Arts-based learning in primary schools: connecting dance and visual arts

This article by Vesna Geršak, Uršula Podobnik and Nuša Jurjevič is based on their paper Geršak, V. and Podobnik, U. (2020). Learning through an artistic experience: Connecting dance and fine art in the project ‘Movement and its trace’ in C. Svendler Nielsen, S. Burridge (Eds.). Dancing Across Borders. Perspectives on Dance, Young People and Change. Oxon: Routledge.

Teachers as agents of change in responsive schools

Marco Snoek is Professor of Teacher Development and School Innovation at the Centre of Applied Research in Education at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. He also represents the Netherlands as a member of the European Commission’s ET2020 Working Group Schools.

Home Support - Outside The Box Learning Resources

Based in County Kildare in Ireland, Outside the Box Learning Resources (OTB) is a publisher and distributor of training materials, assessments, therapy resources and CPD materials for education and healthcare professionals as well as parents/carers and all those interested in improving the lives of others. In addition to high-quality materials, the company also provides face-to-face training courses as well as online training courses through its sister company

Institute for Arts Integration and Steam - Classroom Strategies

Using arts-based strategies is the easiest and fastest way to begin integrating the arts into your classroom. The creative classroom ideas, arts integration strategies and teaching methods found here are proven winners in any class.