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No End in Site: An investigation into the living conditions of children on a local authority halting site

The Impact of COVID-19 on Primary and Secondary Education Joint Committee on Education, Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science January 2021

Children's Rights Alliance Report Cards 2009 - 2021


Kathyann Kelly (2020). The Effects of COVID-19 on People Experiencing Mental Ill-health, Substance Use Disorder and Homelessness or Housing Insecurity in the Dublin Region: A Qualitative Exploration. Merchants Quay Ireland

Department of Children and Youth Affairs (2020). Income, Poverty and Deprivation among Children - A Statistical Baseline Analysis (July 2020)

Traveller Community Teaching Resource 2020


Houses of the Oireachtas,  Joint Committee on Education and Skills.   Report on Education Inequality & Disadvantage, and Barriers to Education May 2019


Scanlon, G & McKenna, G. (2018).  Home Works: A Study on Children Experiencing Homelessness and living in Emergency Accommodation. Dublin: Children’s Rights Alliance

Department of Education and Skills (2018). Wellbeing Policy Statement and Framework for Practice 2018-2023. Government of Ireland


Report on the Review of DEIS 2017

DEIS Plan 2017

Action Plan for Education 2017

Reducing Harm, Supporting Recovery.   A health-led response to drug and alcohol use in Ireland 2017-2025


School Attendance Data from Primary and Post-Primary Schools 2015/16. Analysis and Report to the Child and Family Agency (Tusla) David Millar. Educational Research Centre

Action Plan for Education 2016-2019

McNally, S. & Downes, P. (2016). Evaluation of University College Dublin’s ‘Future You’ Peer Support Access Initiative: A Relational, Community Development Systemic Outreach Approach. Dublin: UCD.

Northside Area Partnership (2016). Promoting Child Development by Supporting Parents: Learning from the Evaluation of the Preparing for Life Home Visiting Programme. Atlantic Philanthropies

Northside Area Partnership (2016). Promoting School Readiness and Improving Child Health: Learning from the Evaluation of the Preparing for Life Home Visiting Programme. Atlantic Philanthropies

A Programme for Partnership Government May 2016


National Plan for Equity of Access  to Higher Education 2015-2019

Smyth, E., Banks, J., Whelan, A., Darmody, M  & McCoy, S. (2015).  Review of the School Completion Programme. Dublin: ESRI

Smyth, E., McCoy, S & Kingston, G. (2015). Learning from the Evaluation of DEIS RESEARCH SERIES NUMBER 39 April 2015


McCoy, S., Smyth, E., Watson, D & Darmody, M. (2014) Leaving School in Ireland: A Longitudinal Study of Post-School Transitions. Dublin: ESRI 

Cosgrove, J., McKeown, C., Travers, J., Lysaght, Z., Ní Bhroin, O and Archer, P. (2014). Educational Experiences and Outcomes for Children with Special Educational Needs. A Secondary Analysis of Data from the Growing Up in Ireland Study. NCSE Research Reports No. 10

Department of Children and Youth Affairs (2014) State of the Nation’s Children: Ireland 2014. Dublin: Government Publications.


Sheil, G., Kavanagh, L & Millar, D. (2014).  The 2014 National Assessments of English Reading and Mathematics. Volume 1: Performance. Dublin: Educational Research Centre


Action Plan on Bullying, Report to the Anti-Bullying Working Group to the Minister of Education and Skills 2013

Weir, S & Denner, S., (2013). The evaluation of the school support program under DEIS: Changes in pupil achievement in urban primary schools between 2007 and 2013. Dublin: Education Research Centre.

QDOSS Celebrating Childhood Beyond the School Bell: Conference Proceedings April 2013. Edited by Naomi Feely and the QDOSS Network

Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht/Department of Education and Skills (2013). Arts in Education Charter


Callaghan, M. & The HBSC Ireland Team (2012) Food poverty among schoolchildren in Ireland. HBSC Ireland Research Factsheet No. 13. Fact Sheet 


Weir, S., Archer, P with Adrian O’Flaherty and Lorraine Gilleece (2011) DEIS 2005 - A Report on the First Phase of the Evaluation of DEIS. Dublin: Education Research Centre

Literacy & Numeracy for Learning & LifeThe National Strategy to Improve Literacy and Numeracy among Children and Young People 2011-2020

Pre 2010

Educational Disadvantage: Understanding the Misunderstood. Labour Youths' policy document on educational disadvantage (2010).

Travers, J., Balfe, T., Butler, C., Day, T., McDaid, R., Dupont, M., O'Donnell, M & Prunty, A. (2010). Addressing the Barriers and Challenges to Inclusion in Irish schools. Special Education Department St. Patrick's College. (DES funded)

Oireachtas (Irish Government and Senate) Joint Committee in Education and Skills on Early School Leaving (2010). Staying in Education: A New Way Forward - School and Out-Of-School Factors Protecting Against Early School Leaving

Byrne, D & Smyth, E. (2010). No Way Back: The dynamics of early school leaving. Dublin: ESRI

Dublin City Childcare Committee (2009) School-age Childcare in Dublin City. Executive Summary.

Smyth, E & McCoy, S. (2009). Investing in Education: Combating Educational Disadvantage. Research Series Number 6

National Economic and Social Forum (NESF) (2009). Child Literacy and Social Inclusion: Implementation Issues Report 39

Limerick Health Promotion - Health Service Executive (2008) Health Impact Assessment of Early School Leaving, Absenteeism and Truancy. Limerick Regeneration

Byrne, D., McCoy, S & Watson, W. (2008) School Leavers' Survey Report 2007. Dublin: ESRI/DES

Byrne, D. McCoy, S and Watson, W. (2007). School Leavers' Survey Report 2006. Dublin: ESRI/DES

Dr Ursula Kilkelly (2007). Barriers to the Realisation of Children's Rights in Ireland University College Cork. Commissioned by the Ombudsman for Children

Quality Development of Out-of-School Services: An Agenda for Development. (2006) Compiled by Dr. Paul Downes on behalf of the QDOSS Network.

Eustace, A & Clarke, A. (2006). Quantifying and Assessing the provision of educational services to address educational inequality in a rural setting. Pobal

Moving Beyond Educational Disadvantage-Report of the Educational Disadvantage Committee (2005)

DEIS 2005 - Delivering Equality Of Opportunity In Schools. An Action Plan for Educational Inclusion. DES

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