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Mark Morgan Award 2023

Mark Morgan Awardees for Highest Grade on M.Ed Overall

Many congratulations to Sarah Cuschieri and Tai Busuttil, Maltese Education Ministry Fellowship Awardees with the Educational Disadvantage Centre who received the Mark Morgan Award for the highest grade on the M.Ed overall at their graduation on October 26th 2023.

Sarah Cuschieri's thesis, Transitioning from Strangeness to Connectedness: Developing a Symbolic Interactionist Approach to Analyse Absenteeism and School Belonging with a Sample of Highly Absent, Sixth Grade Students in an Area of High Poverty in Malta, was supervised by Centre Director, Professor Paul Downes

Tai Busuttil's thesis, Class-rooted challenges? Hearing the voices and

experiences of working-class, first-generation, tertiary-level graduates in Malta,
 was supervised by Professor Anne Lodge, Thematic Coordinator in the area, Applying Equality and Social Justice, with the Educational Disadvantage Centre.

Both Awardees took the M.Ed special option, Poverty and Social Inclusion, with the Educational Disadvantage Centre.