DCU Learning Innovation Unit: Focus on Assessment and Feedback

Learning Innovation Unit

Learning Technology and Assessment

The use of learning technology as an assessment tool and as a means for assessment submission is increasing.

Race (2010) summarises ways and reasons for using learning technology for assessment:

We need to use digital assessment and feedback to:

  1. Strive to enhance our students’ want to learn;
  2. Help students to develop ownership of the need to learn;
  3. Keep students learning by doing, practice, trial-and-error, repetition;
  4. Ensure students get quick and useful feedback – from us and from each other;
  5. Help students to make sense of what they learn.
  6. Get students deepening their learning by coaching other students, explaining things to them.
  7. Allow students to further deepen their learning by assessing their own learning, and assessing others’ learning – making informed judgements.

Assessment Futures is a University of Technology Sydney website dedicated to assessment at university: current thinking, approaches and practice.

Using Moodle for Assessment

There are many areas where formative and continuous assessment can be conducted through Moodle and where assessment can be administered through Moodle. The following resources give an outline of the use of Moodle in relation to assessment: