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Learning Innovation Unit

President's Awards for Excellence in Teaching: 
Evaluation process and evaluation criteria

Evaluation process:

  • Evaluations will be conducted by a panel comprised of a subgroup of the Learning Innovation Advisory Panel (LIAP) and an external evaluator from another third-level institution.
  • Staff nominated under the Academic Staff category will be invited to augment their nomination(s) with a short supporting document. Evaluation of nominations under this category will be made on the basis of the nomination and the supporting document.
  • Evaluation of nominations for the New Lecturers/Tutors Award will be made on the basis of nominations received only.
  • Evaluation of nominations for Academic Support Staff will be made on the basis of nominations received only.
  • There is no limit to the number of nominations a candidate may have. However, it should be noted that multiple nominations are evaluated on what they contribute on behalf of an individual or team rather than the number of nominations received.
  • Nominations will be considerably strengthened if they include student testimonies.

Evaluation Criteria for Academic Staff

Teaching excellence takes many forms. The evaluation panel shall therefore take a holistic approach to the evaluation of nominations and portfolios rather than a strictly measured one. However, the following criteria shall be taken into account:

Approach to Teaching

A nomination that demonstrates an individual or team as having an innovative approach to the planning, preparation and delivery of contemporary theory and practice that supports the needs of all students as independent critical thinkers.

Approach to Subject

A nomination that shows the nominee as having enthusiasm for and a thorough knowledge of the subject area and expresses the nominee’s philosophy on the subject area and how it should be taught.

Teaching Development

A nomination that shows evidence of a person or team who sees the value in personal and staff development in relation to teaching and learning and uses opportunities that arise within the university and beyond to enhance their own and their colleagues' practice.

Assessment Approaches

A nomination that demonstrates a recognition of the importance of assessment as a means for student learning and improvement as well as course evaluation and improvement and demonstrates the value of student feedback on assessment.

Evaluation Criteria for Academic Support Staff

The evaluation panel shall take a holistic approach to the evaluation of nominations in this category, particularly given the wide range of possible candidates. The following shall be taken into account, however, as appropriate:

Student Support Activities

Evidence of activities that directly or indirectly enhance the learning experience of DCU students.

Academic Staff Support

Evidence of support to academic staff that indirectly enhances the learning experience of DCU students.

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