Learning Innovation Unit, Dublin City University

Learning Innovation Unit

The Moodle Team

(Jennifer Burke and Morag Munro, Office of the Vice-President for Learning Innovation/Registrar, and Denis Cahalane, Information Systems & Services)

The Moodle Team, comprising Morag Munro, Jennifer Burke and Denis Cahalane, make an outstanding contribution to the enhancement of teaching and learning in DCU. Not only have Morag, Jennifer and Denis played a central role in the deployment of Moodle across the university, they have also shown an exceptional level of commitment and professionalism in supporting us all. Their response time to our queries and problems is exceptionally fast (probably the fastest in the university), and they are always willing to listen to new ideas or requests. We are kept informed of the latest Moodle developments, and the three of them have always put pedagogical concerns before technological ones.With their constant support, we have been able to embrace the new technologies afforded by Moodle, to further our reflection on our own teaching practice and to explore new directions. We commend their expertise and understanding of the issues that arise in technology-rich learning environments in general and their ability to tackle any problem, whether technical or pedagogical.

Indeed, the Moodle Team has often gone beyond the call of duty to find solutions to all problems. Whenever we run into difficulties with Moodle, whether abroad or in Ireland, in DCU or at home, on weekdays or at weekends, we know that we can rely on a speedy and helpful response. Morag, Jennifer and Denis are incredibly patient with experienced and novice moodlers alike. No question is ever dismissed, and each question is treated as equally important. Indeed, since the introduction of Moodle in DCU, we have found their level of professionalism to be exceptional, both in their knowledge of their respective areas and in their dealings with colleagues.

The Moodle Team has run Moodle training sessions which have been well planned and delivered in the true spirit of good teaching and learning practice, and the back-up support has been prompt and consistent on all occasions. In addition, their warmth and generosity as colleagues are most welcome, especially when dealing with intractable technology! They have inspired us to review our teaching methodologies and gave us the confidence, individually and as a group, to try out new things and, most importantly, to share our successes and failures among ourselves. They have helped us to become learners as well as better teachers, and ultimately, our students are the beneficiaries of their tireless efforts.

The Moodle Team's contribution is not confined to our daily teaching practice. They have provided a professional and supportive environment to INTRA students involved in our various Moodle Development Projects, giving them an invaluable experience. They have provided a wonderful support to a variety of projects, be they local, national or international. Whether we want to use Moodle to facilitate the organisation of an international conference, the management of a European project, or the delivery of a training workshop, or simply to improve internal communication, we can count on their support and knowledge to transform our initial ideas into successful ventures.

Last but not least, the Moodle Team's contribution to teaching and learning does not stop in DCU. They have become well-known names in Ireland and beyond. They are valued and respected contributors to the Moodle community worldwide, as is evident by their regular involvement in moodle.org. Their presentations at MoodleMoots and e-learning conferences, in Ireland and abroad, are always well received. Morag, Jennifer and Denis have put DCU at the forefront of innovation in teaching and learning.