Learning Innovation Unit, Dublin City University

Learning Innovation Unit

Academic Nominees in 2008/2009


John Kevin Barrett, DCUBS
For his passion for his subjects and his support and provision of resources for students.

Pat Brereton, School of Communications
For his dedication of time and the innovation and experience he brings to every lecture.

Finian Buckley, DCUBS
For his holistic approach to preparing students for working life beyond DCU.

John Carroll, School of Mathematics
For his hands-on teaching approach and continuous support of every student.

The Clinical Teaching Staff, Health & Human Performance
For always creating practical opportunities for applying theoretical learning and their enthusiasm and dedicated approach to teaching.

Regina Connolly, DCUBS
For her enthusiasm for the subject, her teaching and her students.

Yvonne Crotty, Education Studies
For instilling in her students a love of technology, learning and creativity and continuous student support.

Carl Death, Law & Government
For informative lectures that approach learning from many viewpoints.

Greg Foley, Biotechnology
For continuously updating and improving his modules and his teaching based on feedback and research to the benefit of his students.

Nick Gathergood, Chemical Sciences
For his problem solving approach that encourages independent thinking and his innovative approach to teaching chemistry.

Markus Helfort, Computing
For his motivation of students and his use of games and resources to apply knowledge.

Greg Hughes, Physical Sciences
For his natural and fun loving approach to teaching and his ability to teach in an easy and engaging way.

Jean-Philippe Imbert, SALIS
For his knowledge of the subject and ability to share it from many perspectives.

Sarah Ingle, DCUBS
For her dedication to the success of her students.

Dorothy Kenny, SALIS
For her support and motivation of both students and colleagues.

Paul King, Education Studies
For his personal approach to his students and his knowledge of subject.

John Lalor, Education Studies
For his professional and friendly approach to students and respect of students opinions in the learning process.

Angela Leahy, SALIS
For her enthusiasm and support of students and motivational approach to teaching and learning.

Francesca Lorenzi, Education Studies
For her effective use of peer learning and assessment and her direction and support of both.

John Loughran, DCUBS
For his student-centred approach and ability to connect learning and experience.

Theo Lynn, DCUBS
For his innovative and effective use of Moodle and other technologies to make learning fun and inspiring.

Conor McKeating, DCUBS
For his clear, enthusiastic and supportive teaching approach.

Majella McSharry, Education Studies
For her stimulating lectures and for engaging with and empowering her students.

Gabriel Muntean, School of Electronic Engineering
For inspirational lecturers and lab sessions and his individual attention to students to help them develop their own way of thinking.

Kieran Nolan, Chemical Sciences
For his patience, dedication and kindness in sharing his knowledge and provoking independent learning.

Mark O’Brien, School of Communications
For his effective use of notes and resources and his ability to make every lecture interesting.

Sharon O’Brien, SALIS
For her encouragement of collaboration and learning amongst students through the use of Moodle and other learning technologies and her guidance and support for individual students.

Marie-Louise O’Donnell, School of Communications
For her unending passion for her subject and the sharing of much academic and personal knowledge with her students.

Colm O’Maolmhuire, School of Communication
For his clear guidance in teaching and assessment and his ability to make learning interesting.

Aine Mc Gillicuddy, Angela Leahy, Claude Ducloud, SALIS
For their enthusiasm, energy and love of the subject and for passing these on to their students.

Helena Sheehan, School of Communications
For her creative and conscientious approach to her teaching and for her student-centred approach.

Sheamus Sweeney, School of Communications
For his use of interesting mixed methods of teaching and assessment to engage his students in learning.

Giles Warrington, Health & Human Performance
For his passion for his subject and encouragement of students to continuously improve their performance.