Lunchtime Seminars 2009 | Learning Innovation Unit

Lunchtime Seminars 2009

The aim of these seminars is to encourage the cross-fertilisation of ideas between Schools and to generate debate on subjects of campus-wide interest relating to teaching and learning. The seminar format consists of a presentation followed by questions and general discussion. The atmosphere is relaxed and lunch is provided.

We welcome presenters from all academic and support staff involved in teaching and learning. Please email for more information.

Date Seminar title Presenter(s)
January 15th      

Development, Implementation and Evaluation of a ‘Trigger’ for an Enquiry Based Learning Module Carol Barron
January 22nd     Comparing the Effect of Simulations at Post and Undergraduate Levels
Presentation slides (.pdf format)
Yvonne Daly
February 19th       Online Video Resources to Enable and Enhance Experiential Learning
Presentation slides (.pdf format)
Dermot Brabazon
March 19th         Development of BEST Teaching & Learning Materials and Resources Anne Sinnott
April 23rd     Leadership of Change in the Private, Public and community Sectors: A Video Series  Patrick Flood
May 21st Discover2Expose: How to find and use Educational Digital Content Margaret Farren
November 26th Civic Engagement & Service Learning in Higher Education
Presentation slides (.pdf format)
Bob Bringle
December 3rd  On-Line Postgradaute Research Portfolio
Presentation slides (.pdf format
Kathy Monks
December 10th  A Moodle based course on Essential Mathematical Skills
Presentation slides (.pdf format)
Niamh O’Sullivan
December 17th  Next Generation Management Module John Connolly