Lunchtime Seminars 2011 | Learning Innovation Unit

Lunchtime Seminars 2011

The aim of these seminars is to encourage the cross-fertilisation of ideas between Schools and to generate debate on subjects of campus-wide interest relating to teaching and learning. The seminar format consists of a presentation followed by questions and general discussion. The atmosphere is relaxed and lunch is provided.

We welcome presenters from all academic and support staff involved in teaching and learning. Please email for more information.

Date Seminar title Presenter(s)
January 19th Video Podcasts of Science and Engineering Labs Brian Corcoran 
February 9th  Online Interactive Learning Tools for Mechanics
Alan Kennedy 
Feburary  23rd Peer assisted groupwork tutorials in mathematics John Carroll
March 16th Real experiments that support and promote off-campus independent learning Derek Molloy
 March 30th The role of Moot courts and mock trials in Irish legal education Noelle Higgins
April 6th HeLa Cells, Fire-Fighters and Failure: Initiating critical reflection in business education Brian Harney
April 13th  Intergenerational learning project Dublin City University teaching and learning between generations Trudy Corrigan
April 20th
Lecturing Legislation to Scientists Brien Nolan
April 27th
Simulation as a Tool for Teaching Business Malcolm Brady
May 4th Development of a research laboratory based undergraduate laboratory module Declan Moran and Greg Hughes
May 18th In Search of Excellence    Michael Breen