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About DCU Alumni

There are over 100,000 DCU alumni worldwide, located in all corners of the globe. What unites all DCU alumni - besides a degree from DCU, is our shared and abiding memories of this place we call our alma mater. DCU Alumni is our common expression of this sentiment.

All DCU graduates are automatically a member of the DCU Alumni Association and are called to support our efforts to establish, engage and sustain all alumni activities and create a stronger alumni and university community. The activities of the Alumni Association fall into several areas including social, professional, sport and international.
DCU alumni is a valuable social and professional network for graduates supported by online groups on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

The DCU Alumni Office is there to support and develop an ever growing alumni association.

The DCU Alumni Council is comprised of graduate volunteers nominated to represent the alumni body.


DCU Alumni

DCU Alumni is our University association which helps graduates keep in touch with each other and with DCU. The Alumni Office is committed to giving graduates like you an opportunity to learn, share and collaberate as well as providing you with professional and social networks.

As an alumnus of DCU, you are part of a body of over 100,000 graduates who are valuable members of the DCU community regardless of their year of graduation. As a student, you helped shape DCU as a leading Irish university that represents excellence, vibrancy, learning and knowledge. As a graduate, you take this with you on your chosen path.

What is DCU Alumni?

DCU Alumni is the graduate association. It aims to promote a mutually beneficial relationship between Alumni and the University.

How do I become a member of DCU Alumni?

Upon graduation, your contact details including postal address are passed on to the Alumni Office. We hold these details on file in order to provide you programmes and services, to enable us to keep in touch with you and help you keep in touch with fellow classmates. You can opt-out of Alumni programmes at any time. While there is no registration form, it helps the Alumni Office if you update your details by completing the graduate update form.

Is there a membership fee?

There is no membership fee to join the Alumni.

What does Alumni mean?

The word Alumni is Latin and means persons who has left university, college or school after completing their studies. The singular female is known as alumna and singular male is alumnus.

How many graduates of DCU?

Currently there are over 100,000 graduates. Other interesting statistics about the DCU Alumni population include:

  • Average of 4,500 new graduates each year
  • Average age profile ranges from 21 to 45
  • 21-24 years = 15%
  • 25-34 years = 48%
  • 35-44 years = 28%
  • 45 plus = 9%
  • Ratio of male:female is 52:48
  • Predominantly Ireland-based with a high concentration in the UK and North America
  • Consistently sought after by employers - employed by public and private sector as well as national and international corporations
  • Many are in leading positions across industries
  • A high proportion of graduates have set up their own companies and entrepreneurism features strongly in a number of our cross-disciplinary degree programmes

Why should I keep in touch with DCU after graduation?

Only you can answer that question. Many graduates enjoyed their time at DCU from an educational, social and personal development point of view. Graduates feel it is the normal course to keep in touch with the University. Some graduates want to attend events, other wants to make contacts and network, some graduates want to attend events, other wants to make contacts and network, some like to be kept current on news with the DCU TIMES magazine.

Why should I become involved with DCU Alumni?

Not only does the Alumni offer tangible services and programmes that graduates benefit from but also the chance to maintain contact with former classmates and make new contacts. Current initiatives include:

The biannual magazine contains a wide variety of feature articles, graduate profiles, updates on research, how the university is working with various industries and information on DCU programmes and events. The team of writers includes journalist graduates who now write or broadcast for national and international press/media as well as regular contributions by skilled academics.
Email bulletin:
once a month an email bulletin is sent to graduates. Contents include events and conference guide, Alumni and DCU news, and career opportunities. It is a free service and graduates are encouraged to subscribe to the list via the graduate update form.
Weekly job updates:
job vacancies are posted weekly keeping you up to date on the employment scene.
Incentive schemes
  1. Affinity Credit Card
  2. Graduate membership to Sports Complex and Library
we organise a series of events both social and educational that will increase networking levels amongst graduates. Events include breakfast briefings which keep graduates up to date with current marketplace happenings as well as class reunions and the annual golf classic.
Class Reunions:
The Alumni Office can help arrange and publicise class reunions.
Further study:
kept informed about postgraduate opportunities, executive education and open evening events at DCU.

Will my contact details be made available to third parties?

No, under the Data Protection (Amendment) Act, 2003 we cannot give your details to any third parties. Click here for further details on data protection.

Who do I inform if I change address or employment details?

You can either update your details online by completing the graduate update form or contact the Alumni Office at 353 (1) 7008689 or email

Who do I inform about deceased Alumni?

Contact the Alumni Office with the details. We would very much appreciate your assistance so that we can amend the records.

How do I obtain a replacement copy of my exam transcripts or get a certificate of attendance letter?

If you would like a copy of your transcripts or a certificate of attendance, contact the Registry at 353 (1) 700 5338. Click here for further information.

What is the DCU Educational Trust?

The purpose of the DCU Educational Trust is to support the University. For the past 18 years, the DCU Educational Trust has worked to help build the modern and innovative campus that stands today as Dublin City University. The Trust stands as a reflection of your support for this dynamic University and its role in our changing Irish society. For further informationon the Trust, please click here.