DCU Alumni Volunteering

DCU Alumni - How can I volunteer?

DCU welcomes members of our graduate community to engage in our Alumni programme and to play a leading role in a volunteering activity for the university. It is our vision in the Alumni Office, to develop a two way mutually supportive relationship with our graduates. To do so, we have designed our volunteering opportunities so that your time, energy and commitment will greatly benefit the mission of the university. Whilst participating in those volunteering activities, value is created for the graduate volunteer on a personal and professional level which can be reflected on your curriculum vitae and career history.

In order to share our volunteering opportunities with you, the first step required is for you to update your contact details and preferences so that we can contact you easily and tailor our messaging specifically to your skill set. Our engagement programme provides from the outset a fantastic opportunity to connect with DCU students, staff and fellow graduates. Many of our activities bring all DCU citizens together in a collaborative nature.

All our volunteers are briefed with a guideline that is relevant to their volunteering activity to bring absolute clarity to your role as a volunteer and to clearly outline the value to you as a volunteer and your alma mater. DCU has a proud tradition of Alumni volunteers and we aim to increase the engagement opportunities for our graduate community in line with the growth of DCU in the coming years.