IJCC Event

IJCC Event: 'A Conversation with DCU Alumni'

“Everyone knows that DCU has a very close relationship with Japan; we’re the only Irish university with a Japan representative - a title that I’ve held for about ten years now. We’ve been teaching Japanese for more than 30 years at DCU, and we have exchange agreements with eleven Japanese universities.”

- Yoshihiro Tsuchiya, President of the IJJC

On July 27, Ireland Japan hosted a wonderful alumni event - “A Conversation with DCU Alumni” - welcoming four DCU alumni to share about their career, DCU experience and job hunting in Japan. 

Hosted by Aisling Barry, the event commenced with an opening address from Yoshihiro Tsuchiya. 

“First of all, I would like to sincerely thank Mr. Tony Tobin, DCU Japan representative, Mr. Ross Munnelly, the Director of DCU Alumni Relations and Prof. Mr. Daire Keogh, The President of DCU.”

- Yoshihiro Tsuchiya, President of the IJJC

The DCU alumni speaking for the event were Emmett Duffy, Eoin McKeogh, Doire Myler and Wataru Hattori. Each spoke briefly about their DCU experience, their career history and their journey working in Japan. 

Emmett Duffy is the Assistant Brand Manager Tequila and The Kranken EMEA APAC at Proximo Spirits. During his time at DCU, Duffy studied International Business with Japanese before completing an MSc in International Marketing Practice

Eoin McKeogh is the Business Development Manager for Navagis Inc. After completing a BA in Business and Japanese at DCU, McKeogh became the Account Executive of Synclink, before obtaining his current role at Navagis Inc.

Moreover, Doire Myler completed his degree in Business with Human Resource Management before becoming HR/English Business Coordinator for Sekisui Medical.

Finally, Wataru Hattori studied in DCU between 2012-2013, his first time in Ireland, and then, joined Indeed in 2015; currently holding the position of Director of Sales at Indeed Japan. 

To discover more about the Ireland Japan Chamber of Commerce, visit: https://www.ijcc.jp/