DCU Voices Podcast Series

The Launch of the DCU Voices Podcast

This week, we launch the DCU Voices Podcast Series. It is hosted by alumnus, Fergal O’Keeffe (Bachelor of Business Studies), who interviews some fascinating DCU Alumni, to learn about their careers, mentors, milestones, memories of their time in DCU and how it shaped their lives and careers.

Episode 1 speaks to Anthony Bolton, who has over 30 years of Fortune 15 experience in international roles, developing and leading large, culturally diverse and global IT teams with some of the world's largest enterprises, including Dell Hewlett Packard and General Motors.

Anthony is currently the CIO and CTO of global telecommunications and end user services infrastructure and development with General Motors. Based in Dublin, Anthony leads a global team of over 700 industry leading engineers and developers in the design, engineering and delivery of GM’s global network.

Listen to Episode 1 on Spotify or Acast now. New episodes are released every Thursday.